1982 California Angels – APBA Baseball Replay

from left: Fred Lynn, Don Baylor, Reggie Jackson, Rod Carew (photo by Andy Hart of Sports Illustrated)

The 1982 California Angels were the second team I ever fell in love with (the 1981 Dodgers were first).

Fred Lynn was my favorite ballplayer. He was from El Monte, CA – which is where I am from – and the rumor was that he had attended my very same elementary school, Norwood Elementary, when he was a kid. The idea that any kid playing ball on our own fields could grow up to be the centerfielder for the Angels was magical to me.

Now that I’ve played enough APBA Baseball games to have a good feel for the game itself – and to know that I really enjoy it – I thought it was time to undertake a project. When I found a complete 1982 set with XBs for $10 on ebay (+$12 shipping), I jumped on it. This 1982 Angels team is one I’ve wanted to play with for quite awhile, but the out-of-print ’82 Strat-o-Matic set typically sells for around $100 – too rich for my blood.

I’ve played 7 games and the Angels are 6-1. Below is the scorecard from their Home Opener that I played last night, versus the hapless Seattle Mariners.

The Angels were a very good team in 1982, winning 93 games and the Western Division and then going the distance in the ALCS versus the Milwaukee Brewers, losing the deciding game 5 in Milwaukee by a score of 4-3.

Here is how I’m doing this replay:

  • I will play all 162 Angels games.
  • I’ll try to do as-played pitching matchups, and try to adhere closely to as-played lineups for the opposing teams, but I’ll manage the Angels lineups all on my own.
  • I will try to play each player (pitchers too) around the same number of games they played in real life.  Since not every player who appeared on their roster is carded, there will be some over-usage, but I’m going to try to minimize it as much as possible.

None of these rules are hard and fast, however, but they will govern some of my usage decisions.

Otherwise, this is just a simple APBA Baseball basic replay, trying to recreate the magic of that 1982 season.


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  1. Keep up the great work Paul!….Am knew
    to APBA after years of Strat….will be fol
    lowing your replay!
    All the best!

  2. Paul great start on your Replay..I am just getting back into APBA after many years away. I will be keeping up with your replay. I just wanted to ask where you got your scoresheet from. Is it something you made up or did you get it from somewhere. I really like the style of it. Good luck in your replay. Gary

  3. Paul,

    I too played Strat before finding APBA. I enjoy both but have played APBA a lot longer. I hope you don’t find the replay of the Angels too daunting as the season can drag on, esp. with life commitments! I will be following your blog as well and good luck! 66!

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