2001 MLB Playoffs – Division Series Results

This replay has not worked out much like the real-life 2001 playoffs did, but that is a part of what makes it exciting.

The Moneyball philosophy that the playoffs are “a crap shoot” may or may not be true, but Strat-o-Matic is a dice game and though the results over time will always end up as predicted by probability, any given replay will be, for lack of a better phrase, a crap shoot.

Here are the results from the Division Series in each league:

Houston def. Atlanta (3-0)
St Louis def. Arizona (3-1)

Oakland def. New York (3-2)
Seattle def. Cleveland (3-1)

The Oakland/New York series had a dramatic Game 5 that ended up going 12 innings after Mariano Rivera blew a save by giving up a 2 run homer to Terrance Long in the 8th.

The A’s won it in the top of the 12th when Miguel Tejada reached on an Alfonso Soriano error (remember when Soriano was a secondbaseman?!), was sacrificed to 2nd by Ramon Hernandez and then Pinch Hitter Ron Gant doubled him home.

click on the game report below to see it at full size

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