2010 MLS – Game 2




23′:  Alvaro Saborio gets tasked to take a Direct Free Kick from just outside the Penalty Area.  The ref marks off 10 yards and FCDallas’ defenders form a wall.  Saborio’s DFK is a beauty though, and it dips over the wall and just makes it under the bar in the far corner.  GOAL!

23′ – 35′:  In this 12 minute run of play, Alvaro Saborio and RSL dominate possession.  Saborio alone gets off 5 shots in this time – including 4 on goal.  Hartman is able to stop all except the 23rd minute DFK, but these twelve minutes highlight the superior force of the RSL squad. 

86′:  FC Dallas still has designs on stealing a point in Rio Tinto, but Kyle Beckerman and RSL have other ideas.  With a beautiful Corner Kick into the box, Beckerman finds an unmarked Robbie Findley who immediately turns and fires into the net.  Nothing Hartman could’ve done about that one.  It’s the nail in the coffin for FCD at this late point in the match. 

 Man of the MatchALVARO SABORIO


 With this particular game, still very early in the season, I was trying out a different timing method.  In this game, I let every action play out before marking off 30 seconds of time.  For example, on a Corner Kick  I would roll for the corner, roll for the result (shot), roll for the miss/save, roll for the loose ball on the rebound, roll for player control and THEN go to the next time segment.  Though that may be closer to 30 seconds worth of real life play, today I would mark that differently.

Here is how I do it now:

segment 1:  CORNER KICK roll > result:  Header shot by player in Area B  (ROLL for player control – player 3 gets it)

segment 2:  player 3 SHOOTS from Area B

segment 3:  roll and consult player card – SHOT IS ON GOAL! – roll and consult Goalkeeper’s card – SAVED – see result on save chart: Rebound Area C (all rebounds picked up by offense, roll for player control) player 2 gets it

segment 4:  new action, roll and consult player card for player 2

So the way I play now, what was originally a 30 second sequence is now a minute and a half.  I’ve been considering consolidating that segment 2 & 3, but I like the flow of the game the way I’m playing it right now.  I’ll continue to experiment and let you know how it goes.

QUESTION:  Should Kyle Beckerman have been awarded an Assist for his Corner Kick that was blasted into the net by Robbie Findley?  What is the rule on assists from a Corner?

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  1. I have been giving a assist on goals from CK’s. Treating it like any other pass. I also give the shooter any bonus based on the assist rating on the CK taker as well…not sure that is right. The CK table could use some clarifications.

  2. I’ve been thinking about it and I agree, Bob. I’m going to have to go back and award Beckerman an Assist on that one. I’ve been using the assist rating of the CK takers, too and I like the system. At times, I’ve felt like the Shot on Goal ratings are too low, generally, but when I look at my total stats so far, about 34% of total shots have ended up on goal, which seems about right for MLS, though I haven’t looked up the official MLS totals.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting and I’m glad there’s somebody out there having as much fun with this game as me!

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