Mea Copa – 1986 WC Quarterfinal Results
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Posted by Paul on December 30, 2011 | Short Link

Real quickly, and I’ll try not to get too sappy or sentimental – thank you all for the responses to my “Strat-o-holic” post earlier this week.  I’ve had nothing but positive response to that post.  Literally dozens and dozens of responses through email, twitter, this site, other forums.  It’s been amazing.  I can’t thank you […]


Posted by Paul on December 28, 2011 | Short Link

I’m an addict.  It’s in my nature to become obsessed and to compulsively engage in behavior that stimulates whatever combination of chemicals it is in my brain – seratonin, dopamine, oxytocin, endorphines, I don’t know – that creates a feeling of euphoria and peace.  I crave this stimulation to the point of anxiety, and without […]

Mea Copa – Results from Round of 16

Posted by Paul on December 27, 2011 | Short Link

If you haven’t been following, I’ve been replaying the 1986 Mexico World Cup, using Mea Copa, the quick-play soccer game from Time Travel Games. The Round of 16 had two very interesting results, both 3-2 scores. Italy v. Uruguay ended 3-2 after extra time when Uruguay scored on a 15% chance in the very last […]

1985 NL Cy Young Race – Update
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Posted by Paul on December 26, 2011 | Short Link

Through April 27th, 1985, here are the stats for each of the three Cy Young candidates I’m following (Fernando Valenzuela, Dwight Gooden, John Tudor).  Actual full season stats in white, replay stats (so-far) in cyan. All starts by these three pitchers have been played with cards & dice (1985 Strat-o-Matic basic w/advanced features) and manually […]

Merry Christmas!
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Posted by Paul on December 25, 2011 | Short Link

  Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to wake up today in this marvelous universe and spend this time with my family rejoicing.  You’ve blessed me with an abundance of love, and you found me when I was all but lost to you, my family, friends, and the world.  All I have and that I […]

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