2012 MLS Replay – Matchday 1 Results

Here are the parameters of this replay:

* It’s a full replay of all 34 weeks of the 2012 MLS Season, using the real life schedule.
* All Seattle Sounders games will be played with Classic Soccer
* Each week at least 1 game will be played with each of the following games: Classic Soccer, Net Results Soccer, Simple & Sound Soccer, The Beautiful Game. At some point I intend to add APBA Soccer, too, but I don’t yet have the 2012 MLS set as of this moment.
* Any games on the schedule that I don’t play, I’ll use the results of the actual real life fixture to compile stats.
* Speaking of stats, since not all game engines track all stats, the only “official” statistic will be goals scored. I’ll be awarding a Golden Boot at the end of the season for the league’s top goalscorer.

On to Matchday 1 results!

Week 1 results

The table as of 3-13-2012:
Matchday 1 table

The best match of the week was played with Classic Soccer. FC Dallas and the New York Red Bulls fought bitterly and Thierry Henry, as he has many times in his career, took his club on his shoulders and defeated the opposition practically single-handedly. Full match write-up here.

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  1. Hi, Paul.

    I ended up taking the plunge and buying Classic Soccer a couple of weeks ago. My sons and I are really enjoying it. I think there’s room for both Classic Soccer and Net Results in any soccer fan’s collection (depending on what kind of game you’re looking to play), but Classic Soccer seems to do that APBA tried to do, but about 100 times better.

    As my first “project,” I’m playing the US’s 2010 World Cup. (Bad news — we’re down to England 2-0 at the half of game 1.) I’m using the “as played” lineups. I’ve been making the decisions for the Yanks and using the solo tables at http://www.tabletop-sports.com/modules.php?name=UpDownload&req=viewsdownload&sid=84 to make decisions for the Three Lions. How do you handle the decision making for your solo games?

    Great to hear from you!

  2. Is there a website for Classic Soccer?

  3. I’m honored that NRS will make the occasional appearance in your replay.

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