Monte Irvin – Fan Created Hall of Fame card

Monte Irvin was elected to the Hall of Fame – deservedly, in the opinion of most – in 1973. However, if you just went to Monte Irvin’s Major League stats page on Baseball-Reference, you might not know that this was one of the greatest ballplayers of the 1940’s. When Irvin entered Major League Baseball in 1949, he was 30 years old, and had spent his prime seasons in the relative obscurity of the Negro Leagues. In 2010, when Strat-o-Matic released both the Negro League and ‘Hall of Fame 2010’ sets, I was hoping that Irvin would finally get his due. … Continue reading

APBA Soccer – 2010 MLS Replay game 19

as always, click on the scorecard to see a full size version 2010 MLS GAME 19: SEATTLE SOUNDERS v. FC DALLAS   MATCH ANALYSIS: Seattle’s Fredy Montero nailed two penalty kick goals, and his 92nd minute shot turned out to be the difference in the match. Between the first and second printing of APBA Soccer, the game company changed the rule regarding Penalty Kicks. In the original rule book, whenever an offensive player suffered a penalty while holding the ball in Area A (the zone right in front of the goal), a roll was required. A roll of 11-26 led to … Continue reading

2001 NLDS g2: Cardinals at D-Backs

I was digging through a box of old cd’s and stuff the other day and I found a copy of my Strat-O-Matic Computer version 7.0 with the 2001 roster. The floppy disc was there, too. After asking around for a couple days, I found someone with a USB Floppy Drive I could borrow. Plugged it in, and to my amazement, the disc worked. For the heck of it, I decided to setup a replay of the 2001 Major League Baseball Playoffs. click on the boxscore below to see it at full size My favorite part of the game story in … Continue reading

Joey Cora losing all the golf balls LOL

im my house relax and joey cora losing all the golf balls lol — Ozzie Guillen FND (@OzzieGuillen) February 23, 2012 I love characters and Ozzie is a character. Baseball needs more Ozzie Guillens, in my humble opinion. Any mention of the Cora brothers and my wife will bring up the fact that she once danced with Joey Cora at a ballroom dance competition in Seattle in or around 1997. I admit, I am stung with jealousy each time she says it. Oh Joey Cora, I spit my envenomed breath at thee! LOL