1986 World Cup Final: SPAIN 2, MEXICO 1

1986 WORLD CUP FINAL SPAIN 2 -1 MEXICO  The following is a transcript of the Live Twitter feed from the action, posted in chronological order: JUNE 29, 1986 Mexico City – Estadio Azteca: It was merely 9 months ago that the earth of this proud nation was torn asunder by an 8.0 quake.  Today the country is transfixed by the spectacle about to take place in their capital – a World Cup Final vs. their former oppressor, Spain. Players fidget and stretch on the pitch, as they are enveloped by uproarious fanfare. The significance of this match is not lost … Continue reading

1986 World Cup Final 2nd Half – LIVE!

FINAL: SPAIN 2, MEXICO 1 (3' Salinas, 34' Butragueno, 75' Servin) — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 Here is the roll: 100! Congratulations to Spain – Los Campeones del Mundo 1986! — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 They roll for shot chances, in stoppage time each opportunity is only a 5% chance of success. Need a 36 or lower to earn any chance at all. — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 Last moments of the game, last moments of an epic tournament, last moments of a month that's been like a dream for the people of Mexico. … Continue reading

1986 World Cup Final 1st Half – LIVE!

With a last gasp effort before the half, Mexico fires on goal (15%), but it's scooped up with nonchalance. At halftime: Spain leads 2 – 0 — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 As we head into 4 minutes of stoppage time, Hugo Sanchez misses another 45% chance! Mexico's 1st half: mismanagement & missed opportunity — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 Spain hits a Team X-Chart result and has a chance to score two goals in 15 minutes, but home field advantage keeps Mexican hopes alive. — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) February 2, 2012 But Mexico will not roll over … Continue reading