Re-Discovering Lou Gehrig’s Lost Nickname

I was intrigued by the reference to “Buster” Gehrig in the Washington Reporter from 1925, so I did a Google News Archives search for “Buster Gehrig.”

It turns out that he was known almost exclusively as Buster in his early years. Here is a clear reference from The Meridian Daily Journal, August 19, 1931 when Buster was just approaching the record for consecutive games played:

“Henry Louis Gehrig, otherwise known as ‘Buster’ or ‘Hungry Lou’…”

Here is a reference to young Buster from an article titled “Yanks Can Keep Going Even After Babe Does” in The Milwaukee Journal, May 13, 1927.

There are literally over a thousand references to Buster Gehrig in Google’s archived newspaper reports of the era. I hope we can get this nickname added to his Baseball Reference page, it seems a shame that such a great moniker for a hungry young up-and-comer, as he was in his early years, could be lost to history.