Joey Cora losing all the golf balls LOL

im my house relax and joey cora losing all the golf balls lol — Ozzie Guillen FND (@OzzieGuillen) February 23, 2012 I love characters and Ozzie is a character. Baseball needs more Ozzie Guillens, in my humble opinion. Any mention of the Cora brothers and my wife will bring up the fact that she once danced with Joey Cora at a ballroom dance competition in Seattle in or around 1997. I admit, I am stung with jealousy each time she says it. Oh Joey Cora, I spit my envenomed breath at thee! LOL

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 2/23/2012

I’ve missed a couple of Thursday mornings in a row now.  Let’s try not to let that happen again.  On to the links! I played about four years of adult league baseball in Kailua, Hawaii, for a team called the Oahu Ravens.  In fact, I played with the very guy on the mound in this picture, Paul Kopp.  When I left the island two years ago, Kopp was still throwing a knuckler, still getting batters out.   I have great appreciation for the mystical powers of the knuckleball. If, like me, you find the knuckleball fascinating and lovely, this piece … Continue reading