My Game, My League

Welcome to anyone that is reading this site for the first time thanks to The APBA Blog‘s gracious words about  It was a pleasure to do the “Five Questions for…” interview for Tom. I can’t imagine that any of the regular readers here haven’t heard of or read The APBA Blog at some point or another, but it is worth a daily stop, even for those who don’t play APBA games.  Although the blog is focused on the APBA products, you’ll quickly find that many of the issues tabletop-sports gamers face tend to be universal, and that Tom does … Continue reading

Preacher Roe and Uncanny Events

Preacher Roe! just missed hitting a Grand Slam with a split of 1-19 HR 20 fly B (rolled the 20!) in my 1953 Dodgers replay @StratOMatic — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) May 28, 2012 Preacher Roe hit his only career home run versus Bob Hall of the Pittsburgh Pirates in July 1953. Johnny Hetki came in to relieve Hall later in that game. It’s July 25th in my 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers replay, and in a game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh, Preacher Roe just missed hitting a Grand Slam versus Johnny Hetki after Hetki had come on to relieve Bob Hall. … Continue reading

Sponsoring Mario Mendoza on

In honor of Mr. One-For-Five himself, the man for whom the line was named, Mario Mendoza, this website will be sponsoring the page of Mario Mendoza for the next year. If I could have just one website for the rest of my life, it would be Sponsorships of player pages starts at just $2, and if you want to support the site that may be the most important innovation in baseball research since the invention of the internet, then I’d encourage you to sponsor a bb-ref page today. Wouldn’t you want to see your name associated with the … Continue reading

George Brett and Mario Mendoza

I wanted to write a nice long piece on Mario Mendoza, his career, his place in baseball history, with maybe a kind of “where are they now” coda. I thought that with some digging I could find a relate-able “human interest” story. Hopefully an uplifting story of a man overcoming his marginalization in history to forge a new and great relevance to those souls he’s touched throughout his life. What is the meaning of Mario Mendoza? It turns out, however, that this story has already been written and it was done much better than I could have done it. Here … Continue reading

The Blog I Want to Be

Over on the Strat-o-Matic Fan Forum this morning, Terry Bartelme offered up a great question that really got me thinking about the replays I post, the replays I follow, the blogs I read and the blog I write. My number one rule over here at is to create the kind of website that I would like to read. There simply aren’t very many websites devoted to the tabletop-sports gaming hobby, and most of the ones that are devoted to the hobby are devoted to one specific game or replay season. I wanted a website that offered more than that. … Continue reading