2013 oneforfive.com Best Of… Awards

January is nearly over, and we’ve finally finished our 2013 Year in Review: Best Of… series. 

Here are your winners:

  1. Best Tabletop-Sports Replay:  All-Time World Cup Replay (Classic Soccer – Anthony63 & albidone)
  2. Best New Game of the Year:  History Maker Baseball by Plaay Games (honorable mentions to Gridball & Payoff Pitch)
  3. Best Game Release (Vintage Season): Strat-O-Matic – 1973 Japanese League Baseball
  4. Best Newsletter (official Game Co.): Plaay Games (honorable mentions to Classic Soccer & The APBA Newsletter)
  5. Best Tabletop-Sports Blog:  Love, Life, and APBA by Kenneth Heard
  6. Best Tabletop-Sports Video Blog:  After Further Review by Steven Tower

2013 was a tremendous year for the tabletop-sports hobby.  As more people discover this genre of boardgames through the magic of the internet, hobbyists can only benefit.  We are entering another golden age for tabletop-sports, and I, for one, am genuinely more excited about the state of the hobby and the surprises ahead of us than I ever have been before.

Here’s to another great year! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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