2013 Year End Review: Best Official Gameco. Newsletter

It’s Keith Avallone’s world and we’re all just living in it. In 2013, the best Official Newsletter of any game company was the monthly newsletter from Plaay Games.

Plaay’s newsletter includes detailed notes on upcoming releases, links to lots of downloadable freebies (including games that never left the drawing board – how about a free Jai Alai tabletop game!), stories of great accomplishments by gamers, and more. The Plaay Games newsletter is a model from which every other tabletop-sports gaming company should be taking notes.

Sign up for Plaay’s newsletter here.


  • Classic Soccer’s e-Newsletter (Vol. 1) was a wonderful effort. If Time Travel Games can release future editions with any regularity, we might have a new champion in 2014.
  • The APBA Newsletter was probably the best newsletter of 2012. Neither the quality nor frequency were quite as high in 2013, however. Still, a worthwhile subscription.
  • Click the photo below to see Plaay Games’ most recent newsletter, dated 12-30-2013:

    Plaay Games 12-30-13

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    1. I know that the AFR News desk always looks forward to seeing the PLAAY.com newsletter each month. They are packed full of news and freebies and are very easy to read through (usually twice as there is so much content). Truly a template for other companies to follow.

    2. We’ve been receiving Plaay’s newsletter for about a year or more, and it is indeed a great choice as best gaming newsletter. Well-designed, with an up-to-the-minute feel. And, their games are superb.

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