2013 Year End Review: Best Tabletop-Sports Replay

Over the next week or so, I’ll be giving out the oneforfive.com awards for 2013.  Here are the Categories:

  • Best Replay of the Year
  • Best New Game of the Year
  • Best Game Release (Vintage Season)
  • Best Newsletter (Official Gameco.)
  • Best Blog
  • Best Video Blog



From last year’s post, the first of what I hope will be an annual event, here is my idea of a great replay:

…some replay projects are more engaging than others. I have found that there are 5 elements to a creating an engaging and successful replay thread on a forum or blog:

  1. Consistent frequency of posts
  2. Well-written recaps including intelligent game analysis
  3. Clean visual presentation
  4. The author’s genuine enthusiasm for the project
  5. An element of the unknown in the project itself

A replay doesn’t have to succeed at every level of these 5 elements to be interesting and worth following, but the best replays do. To qualify for nomination, the replay must have started in 2013.

Here are the 9 nominees (and 1 special mention) for 2013 Best Tabletop-Sports Replay:

Special Mention to Jeff Polman and his Dear Hank: A Fictional 1938 Season. The truth is, I probably would have chosen Jeff’s replay as my favorite of the year, but I decided it shouldn’t qualify since I was personally involved. I played all of the games and even contributed a couple short pieces under the pseudonym “P. Dylan.”

***[ed: see notes from jgraphy in the comments of this post. His “1934 Integrated & Expanded” replay began prior to 2013 and it was my mistake to include it on this list. All the same, it’s a great replay and I enjoyed it immensely. Though it doesn’t technically qualify for the list, it would do readers a disservice to remove it.]

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  1. Hi Paul! I’m honored that you’ve chosen my 1934 Integrated & Expanded project for mention among the Best of 2013. I did notice, however, that nominees needed to have begun their projects in 2013, and mine started earlier. I hope this information is useful and I’ll understand if any corrections need to be made.

    Thanks again for the recognition and for following along. You’re welcome to weigh in on the proceedings anytime!

    John Graf
    Janesville, Wisconsin

    • Hey John –
      I started following the replay sometime around the beginning of the 2013 baseball season, so April or May or so? It was toward the end of the Part 2 thread, I think. Anyway, I immediately put it on a list of 2013 replays to watch. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that it started so much earlier than that. You’re right that it shouldn’t qualify, but that’s my bad, not yours – so I’ll make a note of it but leave the link. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Thanks for leaving me on the list although technically the project started earlier than 2013. I appreciate the kind words, and most of all…

      ….*** ASTERISKS! Cool!!!!

  2. Hi Paul – thank you for choosing The Game Score League in your awards (which are a really cool idea in their own right)! I really appreciate the mention and am glad you were able to enjoy the replay! I really had a lot of fun with that league overall, and the mention here definitely gives me a big smile! 🙂 Also, this is the second time I’ve come across your blog, as you do a great job with it – and I’ve now got it bookmarked as well!

    Thanks again!
    Dave (aka Bobby Meacham)

  3. Hey Paul,

    These are all great replays for sure and shows how involved we can became in our hobby. Thanks for highlighting these great authors and good luck with the rest of the awards.


  4. I cast my vote for the Game Score League …

    As I mentioned last year, I’m a far bigger fan of *interesting* replays (as compared to straight-forward replays, although I have nothing against them, I just enjoy the “what-ifs” far more).

    The integrated league and united leagues are also interesting (but they lose points, in my book, for being predominantly computer-played … the Game Score League may be computer-generated too; but it’s far more hidden) 🙂

    And, I really like Ken’s 1942 replay — although, I enjoy reading his blog more because he constantly brings his personal aspects into it (i.e., it’s not just a straight-forward replay).

    When I end up figuring out how to get 40 hours in a day, and start doing my own replays, count on them being in the ‘weird’ sector … 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Chris! 🙂 The Game Score League was 100% C&D games as played by me. I haven’t gotten into the computer game at all, as I love playing with the cards themselves 🙂

      Glad to know you enjoyed my replay!

  5. Thank you Paul for including the United Leagues Projects among the best replays of the year. That project really solidified the statistical accuracy of Strat-O-Matic’s Negro League rosters to me. I think they did a great job of presenting some very realistic sets. You have helped get those sets noticed and appreciated.


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