2014 Kentucky Derby Preplay: Top of the Stretch

Vicar's In Trouble won the Louisiana Derby on March 29th

Vicar’s In Trouble won the Louisiana Derby on March 29th

My favorite horse racing game – by far – is Top of the Stretch. I bought the pdf version of the instructions about a year ago for about $2 or so, and have run numerous races since, all with free race cards provided by the game company.

Yesterday, game designer Lon Whitehead released Quickplay and Full Replay scoresheets for today’s 140th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

I generally run the Quickplay version of the races, only because it plays so fast and gives me all the drama and action I need. Below are the results from my “preplay” of the race that will take place later this afternoon.

I have $20 down on Vicar’s In Trouble now. Wish me luck!

2014 Kentucky Derby

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  1. Paul, just got into this game recently. Did a google search and found this blog post. Looking over your race sheet, I think you are interpreting the Pace Adj column wrong. The Pace Effects chart values range from +2 to -2. That’s the number you put in this column. I don’t believe it’s a reduction of the Pace number. Would like your response on this.

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