2015 Kansas City Royals As-Played Baseball Scorebooks Available Now!

It’s January, and in tabletop-baseball simulation game circles, that means it’s time to get started with new team and season replays.

Over the next few days, I’ll be highlighting some of the currently available 2015 As-Played Baseball scorebooks. These are scorebooks that are already completed and ready for print-on-demand, so there is no long wait-time for me to create them before you receive them. It’s just BUY > Print > Ship. Depending on where you live and the shipping option you choose, it’s possible to buy one today and receive it on your doorstep in less than a week.

The Kansas City Royals won the 2015 World Series on the strength of an historically great defense, to go with timely hitting and smart baserunning. In other words, they played good ol’ fashioned baseball.

Many Sabermetricians have declared that KC manager Ned Yost was a hindrance rather than an asset to the team in 2015, but it’s hard to argue with his results. On your tabletop, can you better Yost’s 95-67 record? More importantly, can you guide the Royals through the playoff gauntlet to hoist the trophy at the end?

CLICK HERE TO ORDER a 2015 KC Royals scorebook with pre-printed As-played lineups.

To see a list of all currently available 2015 scorebooks, go here:

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