2015 Secret Santa Signup – Tabletop Sports Edition


I’m devoting myself to the blog this winter with a time commitment I’ve never had the opportunity to make in the past, which is great news for you! What this means is that I can take on projects that have been brewing for a long, long time, but that were too ambitious for me to launch in the past.

Yesterday I announced that I’ll be creating 2015 As-Played Scorebooks for all 30 Major League clubs. Also on the agenda will be finishing (finally, I know) the 4th issue of the OneForFive.com Magazine. I have other projects I’ll be working on, too, but those will be announced at a later date.

Today I get to announce a project I’m really excited about, and that I hope you’ll be excited to participate in as well.


Most of us have probably participated in Secret Santa gift exchanges at work or with family or with a group of friends, so you probably know how it works. In this case, the only difference will be that you’ll be playing Santa for someone you’ve most likely never met.

Here’s what we’ll do. If you’d like to participate, use the form below to enter in your name, email address, physical address, your favorite games/sports, and anything else you’d like your Secret Santa to know about you (t-shirt/hat size, favorite team or season, maybe?). On November 20th, I’ll use a random number generator to match everyone up. I’ll then send you information about whoever you drew in the matchup. We’ll make December 11th the deadline for sending out a gift.

The most important thing, the only thing that will ensure that this exchange works, is if you really want to brighten someone’s holiday season by giving them a tabletop-sports themed gift.

As we’re doing this over the internet, it involves a fair amount of trust. I can promise you that any information you provide to me goes absolutely nowhere else other than to your Secret Santa. I don’t sell email lists or info or anything like that. I wouldn’t even know how to anyway.

Please feel free to email me with questions or comments at paul@oneforfive.com.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Festivus to all! Let’s make this the beginning of a great annual tradition.

  • Paul

Signup has closed for 2015, but hopefully this becomes an annual tradition!

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