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When I was eight years old I briefly owned a turtle. Like, for a day. I don’t remember where he came from: pet store? a friend? found crawling in the garden? No idea. I kept it, unadvisedly, in an old aquarium that happened to be wasting on the back porch of my Grandparent’s house in Nipomo, California, where I was living at the time.

I can’t remember whether or not I named the turtle, but Henry will do.

It was summer. It was hot. Henry’s habitat consisted of the lid of a mayonnaise jar, upside down and filled with water, a couple of rocks, a leaf of lettuce.

I’ll take care of Henry forever. He and I will have great adventures together, I thought. Then I went off to play baseball with my brother and the neighborhood kids.

Henry died that day. The aquarium sat in direct sunlight, it was a hot day, Henry had no shade, and thus he baked in his little shell. I dug up the shoebox in which I’d buried another reptilian pet – a Garter snake – earlier that summer, and laid Henry to rest there, too.

My little brother Casey was angry at me for not caring for Henry. Why didn’t you put him in the shade? Why didn’t you take care of him? He asked.

I didn’t have a good answer for that, except for this indignant response: Why didn’t you make me?

I’m not going to let this blog bake in a barren aquarium this summer. I’m not going to go off and play baseball with the neighborhood kids while it dies. I’m going to give it its vital sustenance, as well as companionship and love, and together we’ll have many adventures.

Here is what to expect in the coming months, please hold me accountable:

  • Three Posts per week (minimum)
  • One Game Review per month (minimum)
  • Also: more of the stuff that brought over 50,000 hits to this blog in the first twelve months of its existence. More news on this hobby we so love. More links to obscure history. More tales of glory and defeat on the tabletop.

    I need your help, though. I was recently inspired by a throwaway line on the great Tales From the American Football League blog. In the lead-in to his most recent post, Todd Tobias wrote:

    In my continued effort to make this the most information-rich AFL site on the internet, I’ve added a new page to the blog that I think you all will enjoy.”

    It occurred to me that OneForFive should be the most information-rich tabletop sports site (non-forum category) on the internet. Because why not?

    If it doesn’t turn out that I’m able to do that with, I’m going to ask you one question:

    Why didn’t you make me?

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    1. not sure I can make you but I always check out your blog even during the long periods of quiet. I enjoy your writing, both tabletop and real life. When the muse hits, I will be here to read it. Look forward to future posts….

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