Action! PC Golf Demo Video

action pc golf screenshotIn the following video, Dave Koch walks us through a complete 18-hole round as 1986 Tom Watson on the “Magnolia Golf Club” Course. Regarding this course, Koch says, “you’ll recognize [it] as a famous course.” Can anyone tell me what course it is?

The Action! PC brand of sports sims is a highly respected and trusted line of games. The company’s most recent release is the 2015 edition of Action! PC Baseball. Action! PC Baseball can compete with any of the more widely publicized games in terms of realism, accuracy, depth of gameplay, options for customization and, most importantly, fun factor. CLICK HERE for more info on this and all of Dave Koch’s products.

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  1. Let me tell you – just bought the 1948 season. 3 minutes to purchase. Instant email with the Zip File – boom downloaded, installed and it works.
    DAVE KOCH does it again.

  2. Hey Paul> in answer to your question “Can anyone tell me what course it is?” The course is Augusta National where the Masters is played. As a side note, APBA golf uses the same name for their Augusta National course. Hope that helps!


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