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I launched two years ago (almost to the day!) in part because I couldn’t find anything like it on the internet. There were a couple of sites devoted to specific games. There were a couple of gamers blogging about their specific replays. There were a few mostly game-specific forums, too.

But what I couldn’t find was a blog or website devoted to the hobby as a whole. I couldn’t find a blog that gave me the stuff I wanted [ed: see “The Blog I Want to Be“].

In the time since the blog was launched, I’ve tried to keep the site up to date with gaming news as much as I could, but there is far too much going on in the hobby and far too many games out there for me to keep up with them all. If there is anything I’ve wished for, it’s more hours in the day to devote to my gaming and to this site.

There have been many times in the past few years that I’ve wished for a weekly news and reviews outlet that would give me a quick rundown of everything going on in the hobby.

Steven Tower and his weekly gaming news video blog, “After Further Review with Steven Tower” has filled that niche.

What lead me to making my videos was a random comment on Board Game Geek where someone said they would like to see History Maker Baseball in action before they decided they wanted to buy it. I thought to myself that I had a basic knowledge of filmmaking and was vey engrossed in HMB so just decided to throw up a video review on YouTube and just see what happened.

Needless to say it exceeded all of my expectations and got lots of great feedback. So I made another video review for the stock car game from and then just on a whim decided to do a news video. They were all so well received that I just kept at it and now I’m two months into this with no end in sight,”

Steve is relatively new to the hobby. “I started playing tabletop sports in 2006 with Replay Baseball,” Steve explains. “I found the Replay site accidently when I was doing a Google search on baseball. Needless to say it was a great discovery and after I played my first couple of games I was hooked by how easy the game was to play but yet how deep the game engine was and the wide variety of results that could come up.”

He soon moved on to other games, other sports, other game companies. Today Steve is actively playing many games, and has already posted video reviews of Net Results Soccer, History Maker Baseball, Replay Baseball, among others. He’s consistently released weekly updates to his AFR Game News Weekly video show, too. What’s next for Steve Tower? What’s next for After Further Review?

Once things settle down and most likely after I get a real camera for my show, I would like to do a series of videos just showing a game being played so people can actually see how they look in action. Most likely these would be on games that I had already reviewed and would just people an even deeper look inside a game that would go beyond what I show in the reviews themselves.

Also, I would like to have a website for my show at some point so that I can have my videos posted somewhere other than YouTube as well as being able to give updates to viewers outside of my videos and perhaps to have a forum for viewers to discuss games and the reviews. That’s probably a little ways down the road but I’m always thinking ahead to what I can do bigger and better with the show.

Steve’s prolific output of quality news and reviews video shows is an impressive and exciting development in the Tabletop-Sports world. The hobby has survived with almost no coverage of this type for a generation. I hope that Steve’s work as a Lone Wolf in the forum of video on the hobby inspires more sports-gamers to share thoughts their thoughts and enthusiasm for the games that keep us rolling the dice.

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  1. Thanks for the great write up on my show Paul!

    • Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Steve! Your show is entertaining and interesting and great for the hobby.

      I guarantee that anyone reading oneforfive would agree!

  2. Steve,
    Keep up the good work , I’ve just started to follow what you’re doing. How do I subscribe?


    • Hi Rob,

      I’m glad that you like the show, thanks for watching. To subscribe you need to have a YouTube account, then simply click the red Subscribe box below any of my videos.


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