APBA and Strat-o-Matic Football Newspaper Article from Feb., 1983

Apparently, things haven’t changed much for tabletop-gamers in the last 30 years. Or, maybe I should say, tabletop-gamers themselves haven’t changed much.

In “It’s Friendly Win-at-all-Cost In Brainy Football League” written by Mary Kane and published in the Pittsburgh Press on Feb 5, 1983, the members of the Blawnox APBA Regional Football face-to-face league (BARF) get portrayed as slightly obsessive, eccentric, “brainy” fans.

From the article:

Jack Tatum, the former Oakland Raider defensive back who had a notorious reputation among Steeler fans as a dirty player, got his just reward in the BARF league.

Schade put him in a glass of water and left him in the freezer for two years.

‘Then we put dirt in it and planted an onion,’ Schade said. ‘Someone in the league tried to draft him once and we just laughed.’

I would be interested to follow up with the participants of the BARF league, to see where life has taken them and the league since that day. The article names David Smith, John Powell, Art Farina, Jim Bennett, and Bert Schade, all ages 27-32 at the time, which would put them in their late 50’s-to-early 60’s today. The league was based in Blawnox, PA.

If anyone knows how I can get ahold of these APBA Football players, please drop me a line at paul@pauldylan.com.

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  1. I just typed in Art Farina and Bert Schade in facebook. Art brings up a 30-year old guy with that name who lives in Upper Derby, PA. Might be a son. Bert brings up a Jonathon Bert Schade who lives in Blawnox, PA, and looks in his 50s. The other names are a bit more common, but I’d start there…

  2. Thanks, Lar. I just sent Jonathon Bert Schade a Facebook message – I hope it’s him!

  3. Reminds me that someone had remarked that Tatum must have gotten a lot of 5’s in APBA, but by my count he only got one for the 1975 season.

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