APBA Soccer 2.0

The most recent set of APBA Soccer cards to be released is the 2012-13 season of Italy’s Serie A. This is the first set to feature the newest innovation for the game: Individual Defense Ratings.

That little number after the position is the Individual Defense Rating.  What does it mean? [pic courtesy of Will Kolodzie]

That little number after the position is the Individual Defense Rating. What does it mean? [click to enlarge – pic courtesy of Will Kolodzie]

We don’t know exactly how the new ratings will be used in conjunction with the game, but it is exciting to see that the company has heard our appeals for this feature and has made an effort to appease fans of the game.

The most recent announcement regarding the game came in the APBA newsletter of January 21st.

Two Italian League Series A sets are now available:
The 2009-10 Series A is now available as cards instead of a perforated sheets. This 557 card set is $44.
A new set being offered is 2012-13 Series A. This set has individual player defensive ratings. The next version of the soccer game will have an optional individual player defensive system. This set with 622 is $46.

[emphasis mine]

With the recent releases of new versions of APBA’s Baseball and Football games, the release of a new version of the Soccer game makes sense. In fact, I spoke with APBA CEO John Herson in an unpublished interview in November, 2011 where he indicated that a new, sturdier game box was in the works, and in an interview published February 2, 2012, he gave to Tom Nelshoppen and The APBA Blog the following details about the forthcoming release of the game:

The soccer game has just about sold through for the second time. The third version will be redone. The box will be a two piece box roughly 11 by 17. The game box artwork will change slightly. The soccer pitch will be the size of a Monopoly board with similar game board backing. The game chart booklet will be 11 by 17. The booklet will have white background with black printing. The teams in the game will be updated to 2010-11 teams. Eventually all the APBA games will have the same size and type of packaging.

It remains to be seen if the release adheres to the specifics outlined above, but there is no doubt that those APBA Soccer fanatics among us (and there are still some of us out there) are anxiously awaiting APBA Soccer 2.0.

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  1. Received the New/Upgraded APBA Soccer Game today. With the game came my order of the 2014 World Cup Cards. The game was already great….but this is a nice upgrade and for those purists out there that feel they need to roll the dice with the soccer game…you are missing out…..the Fast Action Cards MAKE the game SO SMOOTH!!

    APBA Soccer house rules: I use the loose ball chart to resolve all goal keeper kicks.(same as you do with any missed goal shot REBOUNDS)…otherwise it automatically goes to the offense. If goal kicks goes to zone X, I like to see if it goes a zone or two past X for the offense–Simple two dice total from FAST ACTION Cards. I do not use the LB Chart on sideline throw ins, corner (non shooting) kicks or direct & indirect free kicks. Maybe I should on Corner non shooting and Direct Kicks?? Indirect kicks usually are just a small pass to an open teammate.

  2. from a fellow poster on the APBA Between the Lines Message Forum site:


    Step 1: IGNORE the rulebook defensive marking system.

    Step 2: Record each player’s Defensive Rating (1 to 10) on the score sheet. Note: I write in by the player’s OR.

    Step 3: Whenever a player takes a Shot, adjust it by –

    a. Area (from which was taken)

    b. Assist Rating (player determined as stated in rulebook)

    c. Individual Player Defensive Rating (player determined same as 3.b) Use the Marking Defensive System chart on page 4 to determine the final adjustment.

    Note: If the GK is the ID defensive player (66), the adjustment is +3.

    d. Roll for the shot.

    Note: Sometimes the match ups may seem strange. Don’t take it too literally. Remember you talking about 30 seconds of action (a lot can happen.) I wanted a system that factored in all the players’ defensive ratings.

    EXAMPLE OF PLAY: Joe Jones (SOG 24) takes a shot from Area C (+1 adj). Roll the dice again for Assist adjustment (ID Player #6/1 Ast rating/0 adj.) Roll the dice again for Defensive player’s rating adjustment (ID Player #3/7 Def rating/-1 adj.) The final adjustment is a wash (SOG 24.)

  3. Thank you, I’ve been trying to decide how to factor individual defense ratings without unbalancing the game, this is a relatively elegant solution.

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