APBA Soccer: 2010 MLS Final Standings

It was just a mini-season (8 teams, 7 games each), but my 2010 MLS replay was great fun and a great introduction to APBA Soccer.

Below is the final table at completion of the project.

Real Salt Lake won the Supporter’s Shield, going undefeated, with 17 points and the greatest goal differential in the league.  Nick Rimando was terrific and the one-two punch of Saborio and Javier Morales combined for 11 goals in 7 games.

The playoffs were exciting, too.  The top 6 teams qualified for the playoffs, with the top 2 earning a bye into the semi-finals.

Here are the results of the playoffs:

Real Salt Lake again dominated, scoring 8 goals against LA and Seattle.  The best match of the playoffs was the Sounders v Red Bulls match, which deserves and should get its own write-up at another date.  It may have been the best match I played all season.

I kept detailed statistics for every game and compiled complete stats for every player who entered a game.

Fredy Montero won the Golden Boot with 9 goals and, not-surprisingly, his teammate Freddie Ljungberg had the most assists in the league, with 4.

Though Montero’s 9 goals were tops in the regular season, only 6 of those goals came during run-of-play.  Without PK goals factored in, Montero and Edson Buddle of LA tied as league-leaders.

Among those players who took 7 or more shots on the season, San Jose’s Chris Wondolowski had the highest Shot-On-Goal percentage at 68.42% (13 of 19), barely beating out LA’s Buddle and his 68.18% record (15 of 22).

I had the hardest time determining league MVP.  In the end I cast my vote for Antonio Saborio.  Fredy Montero was a close second and Saborio’s teammate Javier Morales wasn’t far behind, either.

Saborio had 5 goals, 2 assists, 3 Man of the Match awards, and led his team to an undefeated, first place finish.

The long-overdue review of the APBA Soccer game itself will have to wait for another day, but I’ll say this:  the mini-season I just played was very satisfying, and I’m starting another immediately.

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  1. Real Salt Lake won my mini tornament as well. Considered playing a few game with 2010 RSL against a few 2011 teams but fear the card mods for 2010 to 2011 will create a advantage for the 2011 teams.

  2. I have been looking into buying a Soccer dice game. I would be interested in reading your review of the APBA soccer game. I have been hearing comments about low scores and too many red cards. Based on the games that you have played have you seen these same problems? Have you had to tweak the rules in order to combat any issues?

    I have enjoyed reading your blog,


  3. Hey Gary,

    You can probably tell that I really enjoy the soccer game. In the 2010 mini-season I played I did make a few tweaks to increase the number of shots (the number of red cards was almost exactly perfect). But I think the tweaks I made increased the shots a little too much. My final number of goals per game turned out to be 3.03 in the replay, when in real life the 2010 MLS goals per game was actually 2.46. However, part of the reason for the disparity might be the fact that in my replay I only used the top 8 teams from the league, so you could probably expect the goals per game to be a little higher than the total MLS average. Also, it wasn’t so far out of the range of just random variation, too, considering I only played 28 total games.

    In the final analysis, my results are not perfect statistical recreations of the season, but they are close enough to be “realistic” and each individual game is fun. The good teams outperform the bad teams, the good offensive players shine. The one aspect that I would like to change would be to find a way to make the great defensive players stand out more, but I’ll talk more about that when I get around to doing that full review of the game.

    Thank you so much for reading and for the comment!

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