APBA Soccer – 2010 MLS Replay game 17

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RSL and LA play one of the most exciting games of the year


Both teams have great defenses (both rated 5), so I go into the game anticipating a low scoring, kind of boring back and forth game.  RSL is playing a 4-3-3 to start, to try and open things up a little, but LA is going with the 4-4-2.

9′:  Possession changes 6 times in the first 9 minutes and the ball hardly moves out of midfield.  No offense from either side, so LA’s defense takes over.  Todd Dunivant rolls a result of 50 and we go to the Special Play chart.  I’m using a homebrewed chart from the APBA-BTL forum.  Dunivant fires long range – from Area F! – and the ball hits the crossbar.  Another roll to find where it bounces – he rolls a 65 – it deflects downward and over the line – it’s a GOAL!!!  The Galaxy leads 1-0!

13′:  Improbably, Todd Dunivant with the ball again, gets another Special Play chart roll which leads to ANOTHER SHOT!  He misses this time, though, and the end result is a harmless Corner Kick.

24′:  Edson Buddle earns the ball in the penalty area and draws a foul from Jamison Olave.  Olave is booked, and Buddle goes to the spot.  He stutter-steps to the ball then delivers with pace and accuracy – but Nick Rimando has guessed right!  THE PENALTY KICK IS BLOCKED!  Landon Donovan grabs the rebound and immediately shoots – his shot is on goal – RIMANDO BLOCKS THIS SHOT TOO!  Two tremendous saves by the RSL keeper and the Galaxy are turned away empty handed.

45′:  In stoppage time, the Galaxy turn on the gas, firing 3 shots in 3 minutes, but none of them find the net.  After an exciting half, LA is up 1-0.

46′:  As the second half opens, both teams are obviously fighting full-bore.  Kyle Beckerman fouls Stephens hard, but to the home crowd’s delight, doesn’t get a card.  A minute later Edson Buddle gets a shot on goal – saved by Rimando – but when Espindola turns the action back toward LA’s defense Buddle’s tackle from behind earns him a booking!  This has already been a physical contest, but the ante is upped now.  The crowd wanted a red card on the LA striker.

65′:  Robbie Findley is able to draw a foul on Omar Gonzalez in Area B and Alvaro Saborio takes the DFK.  He shoots on goal and nails the equalizer!!!  RSL has tied it up and the crowd erupts!

67′:  The elation is short-lived, however, when Jamison Olave’s physical challenge on Landon Donovan earns a second yellow card and OLAVE IS SENT OFF!  RSL is a man down.  They go to a 4-5-1 defensive set and bring on Tony Beltran, but they’ll be lucky to rescue a point now.

76′:  After an Espindola shot is deflected out of bounds, the Spaniard takes a Corner that reaches Javier Morales in the 6 yard box.  Juninho pulls Morales’ jersey and without hesitation the referee calls hindrance!  It’s a foul – a yellow card for Juninho – and a PENALTY KICK is awarded to Real Salt Lake!  Rather than go with their top striker, Saborio, RSL calls on the deadly accuracy of Javier Morales.  Morales scores!  Real Salt Lake leads 2-1!

82′:  Edson Buddle has a Direct Free Kick from Area X, after a deflection, he ends up with the ball in Area B, where he’s able to shoot – again LA has a player hit the woodwork – and again, the result is a GOOOAAALLL!!!!  The Galaxy have equalized with 8 minutes to go.  They are still playing full strength vs RSL’s 9-man outfield.  RSL backs up and hopes to get out of here with a point.

87′-90′:  LA’s superior defense chart lets them down!  Robbie Russell steals the ball from Stephens and drives downfield to shoot – he gets a Corner Kick for his effort.  Saborio gets a shot from the CK, but the result is just another CK.  Robbie Russell lines up on the corner and delivers a perfect cross to Kyle Beckerman and BECKERMAN HEADS IT HOME!!!  IN THE 90th MINUTE, SHORT-HANDED REAL SALT LAKE SCORES THEIR 3rd GOAL TO TAKE THE LEAD!

90’+:  But LA Galaxy will not go down without a fight!  In 5 minutes of stoppage time, LA gets 3 shots, including 2 right as time runs out.  Rimando turns all of them away and REAL SALT LAKE GETS THE VICTORY AT HOME!!!

MAN OF THE MATCH:  Nick Rimando


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