APBA Soccer: 2011-12 EPL Cup – Quarterfinal Results

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2011-12 EPL Quarterfinals

Some have said that the 2011-12 season was England’s best in the Premiere League era. It was a season of exceptional drama, and this tournament has proven that though the top seeds were a level above the rest, the level of quality throughout the table was terrific.

The biggest upset of this round, and the best match, was Arsenal v. Swansea City. Swansea had made it to the Quarters by keeping at clean sheet at Stamford Bridge, and their defensive effort against Robbie Van Persie and Arsenal was equally magnificent.

Swansea wins on Penalty Kicks (3-1). After two matches and 210 minutes against Chelsea and Arsenal, Swansea has allowed ZERO goals. We’ll see if they can keep this up against Wayne Rooney and Manchester United in the Semi-Finals.

Arsenal - Swansea front

Arsenal - Swansea back

Sunderland’s Cinderella run to the QF ends in rainy Newcastle, as the Toon Army can celebrate an 3-0 victory over the only club to make it this far from the Play-In Round. Demba Ba slots home a PK in the 4th minute, Yohan Cabaye adds a goal in the 12th, and Newcastle never looks winded in an easy rout of the underdogs.

West Brom looked like a powerhouse in their 4-1 victory over Everton that brought them here, but were simply overmatched in Old Trafford. It’s 2-0 Man U (Rooney 7′, Valencia 34′) until the 81st minute when Jerome Thomas’s goal makes the game look closer than it really was.

South American firepower was on display in this match, with Argentina’s Sergio Aguero and Uruguay’s Luis Suarez facing off. Aguero ended up with two goals and the Man of the Match in this wide-open game. City had 17 shots (7 on target), to Liverpool’s 11 (6).

The highlight of the match was early in the second half when Liverpool took 4 consecutive shots, the fourth leading to a counterattack that found Sergio Aguero on his own versus the keeper in the box. Aguero scored to put City up 2-0, and that was all she wrote. Liverpool fought bravely, but it’s City that will move on to face Newcastle in the Semis.

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