APBA Soccer Cards – What’s In the Box?

The following is a video of me opening a box from APBA Games.  In the box is a couple of APBA Soccer sets (2013 MLS and 2013-14 EPL).

You get to see a Clint Dempsey Seattle Sounders card (he’s rated A for Corner Kicks!), and a Luis Suarez Liverpool card.

Since filming this I’ve had the opportunity to look over both sets a little and I am now even more excited to get started playing games with them. Look for specifics on how some players are carded in a future post.

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  1. they have amped up the CK ratings, there are several “A”‘s in the MLS set and quite a few “B”‘s. Not a fan of the defensive marking rules. I use the house rule that “offtarget” posted on the forum for using the individual defensive ratings to effect the shot attempt. All in all a step in the right direction for this game.

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  3. Thanks for so many intriguing posts about this game. As I flirt with purchasing APBA soccer, I wonder if the player cards are league centric. Have you “transferred” any players from one league to another? And if so, did they perform accordingly in the new league? For instance, if you took Altidore’s card and the ratings he has for The EPL and put him in the MLS, I would venture to say he would score more goals and be a bigger presence in the match. Do the cards work this way? Because if they did, that would be awesome! Thanks again.

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