APBA Soccer FACs

After a little tinkering and some great input from Bobby5960, I’ve designed a deck of Fast Action Cards for APBA Soccer.

Here is an example of a card:

The cards should be self-explanatory, but the idea is to have a deck or two and instead of rolling any time you have to reference one of these charts (the Player Control Chart is the most frequently referenced I think), you’d just flip the top card in the deck. It should save a lot of rolls per game. [edit: and a lot of chart flipping and desk space]

These cards won’t do you any good if you don’t own APBA Soccer. To play the game, you’ll still need a set of player cards, the Formation Charts, the Defense Charts, and a couple of other charts that don’t get used as frequently like the SP Chart and the Goalkeeper SP Chart.

The whole deck is available as an Excel file or in Microsoft Word format. Sorry, I don’t have a PDF creator installed on this particular computer I’m using right now, but if someone wants to turn these into a PDF doc really quick, I’d be glad to host that file here, too.

If you do download these cards and use them, please leave a comment so that I know they’re being put to use, and if you have any suggestions or corrections, please leave those here as well.


Click here to download the Excel file

Click here to download the Word file

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  1. nice…..thanks for doing these. Will give this a try over the holidays I hope. Have Family in town for the weekend, trying to figure out a way to sneak out Saturday evening for the FCD-Sounders game……….

  2. That’s going to be a good one! Give Eddie Johnson a big hello from all of us here in the Northwest, if you do. Boy, I can’t wait to see his Grown-Ass APBA soccer card next year. It’ll probably look a lot like Clint Dempsey’s 2011 EPL card – I can’t wait to see that one either!

  3. Thanks Paul! I’m going to try them out over the weekend.

  4. Love them, keep up the great work!

  5. The FACs are brilliant! They speed up the play significantly. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the cards. I’m just buying the game and it sounds like the cards will definitely speed up the movement of the game.

  7. Hi, Paul.

    Thanks so much for posting these. I haven’t tried them out yest, but I really think that they’ll help the flow. I’m thinking of ordering the FACs that APBA is now offering. Do you know if they have the same parts or if there’s any difference (other than not having to print them myself)?

    All the best!

    • Hi Tim! Thanks for the comment. The FACs that you get directly from APBA are nearly identical to these. There have been a couple of minor changes to the boards since I first created these FACs, and those changes are reflected in the cards you get from APBA. I highly recommend getting the APBA deck. I use two decks shuffled together and it works great! Unless you have a professional printer print and cut your decks, there is just no way to make a homemade deck that is as nice as the ones from APBA. At the price the company sells them for, it’s a no-brainer in my opinion.


      PS: I don’t make any money from the sale of the FACs at all, so I have no vested interest in whether or not they sell. I just think the company did a great job with them and I use them myself.

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