APBA Soccer Unboxing Video

YouTube user “ahnyoung4christ” posted the following video a couple of weeks ago. In it, he opens up a brand new APBA Soccer game and goes through the components, describing what he finds. Because he’s never had the game before, nor played it, his is an interesting perspective on the first-time buyer’s experience of APBA Soccer.

My favorite moment comes at 00:32 when the host holds up the APBA Soccer FAC Cards that I designed. I still get excited every time I see a pack of those cards inside an official APBA box. I made that!

Here is the video:

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  1. How long will a game of APBA soccer take to play when using the fast action cards?

    • Hi Eric,

      It takes me about 45 minutes to play a game, though sometimes I can get a game done in as short as 30.


  2. Should I order extra set(s) of FAC’s if I order the game? If so, how many?

    • I ordered 2 extra, so I have a deck of 3 sets. I don’t think I need that many though. If I were just buying the game today, I would buy one extra set of FACs. That should be enough so that you only have to shuffle a couple of times during the game. Personally, I like to shuffle after each goal, and at the end of the half.

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