Rare Footage of The Black Sox

Hat tip to Jeff Polman for this gem! Check out Eddie Ciccotte’s slumped shoulders (at 3:20 in the video) as he throws away game one. Great stuff!

According to Jacob Pomrenke, SABR’s web content editor,

A quick 3-second clip beginning at the 3:06 mark of the video online appears to be one of the most disputed plays of the World Series, one of the plays famously circled by sports writer Hugh Fullerton on his scorecard in the press box: the botched double play ball hit by the Reds’ Larry Kopf and fielded by White Sox pitcher Eddie Cicotte in the fourth inning.

Cicotte was said to have made “a dazzling play” to field the ball, but Swede Risberg was unable to turn the double play. At full speed, the play doesn’t appear to be unusually suspicious and it is impossible to tell with any certainty whether Cicotte’s throw to Swede Risberg at second base was too low or too slow, or whether Risberg delayed in making the double-play throw to Chick Gandil at first base. But according to the Chicago Tribune account of the game afterward, the Reds’ 5-run rally in that inning “hung on the toenail” of Kopf beating the throw to first.

For more about this footage, which was preserved for decades in an old swimming pool-turned-hockey-rink in Dawson City, Ohio, and which was made public just a couple of weeks ago, click here and spend some time getting lost at SABR.org.

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