Arlo White is Headed to NBC

“We want to thank Arlo for his contributions over the last two years and wish him continued success at NBC as the voice of the MLS. Arlo has set a standard that will be difficult to match and established a connection with our soccer family that will certainly be missed.”
I agree wholeheartedly, Joe.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that Arlo White is to Major League Soccer what Vin Scully was to Major League Baseball in his youth in the 1950’s.  We will miss Arlo White in Seattle, but I look forward to hearing him voice NBC’s games of the week on the new NBC Sports Network.
Seattle Times’ Joshua Mayers has a great interview with Arlo up at his Sounders FC blog today.  Don’t miss it.  Quoted (or stolen, you might say) from the interview:
Arlo’s Statement on the move:
“It is a tremendous honor for me to join the NBC Sports Group, an organization that I have revered from afar for many years. I am extremely passionate about the future of Major League Soccer, and this partnership with NBC will provide a huge boost for the sport in the United States. I am very proud to have been called up to play a major role in it.
“I am indebted to the Seattle Sounders FC and the club’s wonderful fans.  Joe Roth and Adrian Hanauer provided me with an opportunity for which I will always be grateful. It was a privilege to serve as the voice of the Sounders, and I thank the supporters for giving me such a warm welcome.”
The pleasure was all ours, Arlo.  Fare thee well, friend.

The pleasure was all ours, Arlo. I look forward to hearing you on NBC.


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