Avalon Hill’s Sports Magazine: All-Star Replay


Thanks to this website, tabletop-sports fans now have the opportunity to read 19 issues of Avalon Hill’s All-Star Replay magazine.

Click Here to go to the Google Docs folder (no sign-in required) to view and download pdf versions of every All-Star Replay magazine published from Volume One, Number One in fall, 1977 through Volume Five, Number One in summer, 1983.

From 1977-1983, All-Star Replay magazine covered Avalon Hill's Sports Games.  Today 19 issues are available as free PDF files.

From 1977-1983, All-Star Replay magazine covered Avalon Hill’s Sports Games. Today 19 issues are available as free PDF files.

All-Star Replay was Avalon Hill’s in-house magazine that covered all AH sports titles, which included the Statis-Pro Baseball and Football games, Title Bout, Baseball and Football Strategy, Speed Circuit, the horse racing sim Win, Place, and Show, among others.

The magazine was produced (mostly) quarterly, and famously included many free add-ons to games. For example, Volume 3, number 2 includes Statis-Pro cards for two Japanese baseball teams: 1978 Tokyo Yomiuri Giants and 1978 Yokohama Taiyo Whales.

Other add-ons include tracks for Speed Circuit, solitaire charts for many of their games, and strategies for winning head-to-head matches with others. The magazine boasted statistical analysis of cards, games, and replays. In those dark pre-internet days, it was one of the few sources of tabletop-sports news and analysis.

Now it’s all available to you for free with a couple of mouse-clicks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this link. I vaguely rememeber seeing an ad for this in either the Paydirt game or the Baseball Strategy game I had back in the late 70s. Great articles for solitaire players.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much! This is a tremendous resources for fans of table top games.

    Take Care,
    Tom Nahigian

  3. Thank you for making me waste the (approximately) 90 extra minutes I had last night, checking through a lot of those publications. 🙂 It was pretty cool seeing the Final Four Statis-Pro basketball cards, and seeing the statistical data for Go For the Green listed in one of the magazines.

  4. Outstanding resources……thanks for posting these!

  5. Actually that web site in the UK grabbed my scans from the all star replay yahoo group that I created years ago. I scanned all of the issues and created the group.

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