Baseball, Cape Cod – by Lysander Kemp

Can anyone tell me anything about this poem or about this poet?

Lysander Kemp (b. 1920 – d. 1992) was a translator in the mid-20th century, known mostly for his work translating Octavio Paz and Ruben Dario. I know that he was released from the US Army in 1942 and that he then attended Harvard, where he was “class poet.”

The Library of Congress has a copy of the only book published of his original works, The Northern Stranger [New York. Random House. 1946].

I don’t know anything else about the author, though I intend to find out more.

I wish I had written down where I first found this poem. It was in an old newspaper and I transcribed it manually. It is beautiful, though, is it not?

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