Baseball Project Scorebook Goes on Sale

For the first time ever, a baseball scorebook designed entirely with the solitaire tabletop baseball gamer in mind is being offered for sale.

Designed by Paul Dylan of, The Baseball Project Scorebook is a complete self-contained scorebook for tabletop-baseball games like Strat-O-Matic, APBA, Replay, Payoff Pitch, History Maker Baseball, Statis Pro, and others.


With space to score over 180 games in this spiral-bound notebook, gamers can play out entire baseball seasons on the tabletop with their game of choice.

After every 10 games there is a stat sheet where the gamer can compile updated statistics for each player. As the season unfolds, teams and players will go through hot streaks and slumps and the gamer will have it all documented as never before.

Also included: pages to enter your team’s schedule, depth chart, lineups, plus blank lined and grid pages for notes, as well as space to track standings and enter up to 128 linescores for other games around the league throughout the season.

No more digging for loose score sheets from that project you finished years ago. With’s Project Scorebook you’ll have a keepsake on your bookshelf that you’ll flip through anytime you want to relive the highs and lows of your replay.

NOTE: this version of the scorebook is not customized to your team and/or project. This is a “generic” version with blank team stat sheets and a blank schedule.

Baseball Project Scorebook Lulu page

Click “More” to view a video of the original prototype. In the final version there were only minor changes (like 4 lines in the 9th spot in the lineup instead of just 2, and stat sheets after every 10 games instead of 20, for instance).

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  1. Sounds good.

    Weren’t those of us who commented on the other post supposed to get something?

    • Hi KT,

      I’ll be sending out an email tonight with a PDF copy of the entire original prototype included to everyone who was kind enough to comment or email about the prototype. That input was invaluable, as I used many of the suggestions in this version (including, for example, adding a couple of extra lines after the 9th spot in the lineup). Thank you!


  2. Looks good Paul. Good luck!

  3. Placed an order earlier today for two copies. Looking forward to receipt. Great deal! Jerry

  4. Hi Paul- I left a comment about adding putouts and assists to the scoresheet. It looks like they didn’t make the cut but it looks like there are some blank columns on the far right that I could label PO and A. Thanks. Regards, FRAN

  5. Thank you, sir!

    I was thinking about a 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers replay, and this would be perfect for that. Now that I see it’s spiral bound and will lie flat, yeah, that’s the way to go!

  6. I ordered one for my upcoming ’48 Indians and MLB as-played replay. Anxious to check it out. I already use the scoresheets.

    • My scorebook was delivered today and it looks fabulous. very well put together and should be perfect for my project. This will be a everlasting artifact of my replay and should hold all applicable information and notes chronologically to tell a story. I usually go way above and beyond with a binder, but this looks like it will blow that away.

  7. My project scorebook arrived at 11:00 AM today. I can let everyone know that Paul has described the book exactly as it came to me. Same thrill as when I open the box for the new card set! Can’t wait to begin. Thanks Paul for a great idea.

  8. My order came today as well. Must say this is an outstanding project/production! Let me know when the custom edition is ready to go….will order immediately. Getting one of my projects going tonight. It will now be much easier to proceed. Thanks!

  9. Received My Baseball Project Scorebook on Monday June 15th. It is Awesome! Can’t wait to get Started with My 1975 Stratomatic Boston Red Sox. Thanks Paul, This Scorebook was Long Overdue for The Tabletop Baseball Junkies!

  10. Ordered mine today… Can’t arrive fast enough!!

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