Best Homebrew Card Set 2014 – “The Patriot League” by Joe Cronin

Patriot League

I was planning on saving this announcement for the upcoming issue of Print Edition, but today is December 7th and I’m feeling patriotic. On this, the 73rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, where over 2000 Americans lost their lives while serving in the defense of our nation, please take a minute to appreciate the great work Joe Cronin did to honor some of the fallen servicemen of that Greatest Generation.

Among the fanbase of nearly every baseball game, there are some that seem to enjoy the process of creating unofficial card sets just as much as actually playing the game in question. These “homebrew” sets typically cover leagues or seasons that appeal to such a small niche that commercial production of the sets would not be viable. Negro League seasons, minor league seasons, Japanese leagues, 19th century clubs, fictional and other obscure leagues have all been the subject of homebrew sets at one time or another.

Putting together a new season set for any game is no small task. Because homebrew sets are unlicensed ancillary products to be used with copyrighted games, developers of homebrew sets receive no compensation for what can sometimes be hundreds of hours of work. Creators of homebrew sets therefore perform a vital service to the hobby, by making available card sets that would not exist if not for their labor of love.

The best homebrew set released for any game in 2014 was “The Patriot League” for History Maker Baseball, created by Joe Cronin.

From the June 30, 2014 newsletter for

This is a very special set created by Joe Cronin, with a two-fold purpose. First, The Patriot League was designed to be a second 1940s league parallel with the Century League. Second, it honors WWII soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending democracy—each of the 240 players, as well as the twelve umpires, are named after actual 1940s service members who were killed in action in WWII. Joe created this set to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, which began June 6, 1944. A very, VERY special card set. Thanks, Joe!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a PDF file of The Patriot League for History Maker Baseball

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  1. This is awesome! I’ve never played History Maker- heard of it but haven’t played it yet. But just the idea to make cards to honor these heroes. What a great nod. Way to go, sir!

    Thanks for sharing Paul!

  2. Hoping to get History Maker for X-mas from the wifey and this set is a very cool idea.

    Thanks for sharing. Proud to be an American…

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