Best Tabletop-Sports Replays of 2012

One of my favorite developments with the advent of the internet age has been the capability to get to know other tabletop-sports enthusiasts, and to follow along as they report the results of their ongoing projects.

Of course, some replay projects are more engaging than others. I have found that there are 5 elements to a creating an engaging and successful replay thread on a forum or blog:

  1. Consistent frequency of posts
  2. Well-written recaps including intelligent game analysis
  3. Clean visual presentation
  4. The author’s genuine enthusiasm for the project
  5. An element of the unknown in the project itself

A replay doesn’t have to succeed at every level of these 5 elements to be interesting and worth following, but the best replays do.

The following 10 replays were my favorite of 2012. The only caveat I have to make here, is that all of these replays were started in 2012. There were other replays I followed and probably would have included on this list had they not begun in 2011 or earlier.  Some of these projects aren’t finished yet, but I’ve enjoyed them just the same.

On to the list!

What replays did you follow with rapt attention this year?

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  1. Honorable mention: Delphi SCRAM Cup (by PADRESFAN [Enders77]; Red, White, & Blue Racing) – I wanted to include this “replay” even though it wasn’t technically a replay and the nature of the project didn’t leave readers with any one thread to follow. I don’t know anything whatsoever about Stock Car racing, but this particular project has me contemplating a purchase of Red, White & Blue Racing by The whole forum did a terrific job of showcasing this game through this project. Kudos, fellas.

  2. I’m actually far less interested in “replays” and more interested in interesting projects (so, in the above list, I headed right to the Blackball tournament – since that was “interesting” (or innovative).

    I’d love to see a post of the most innovative projects (assuming you followed those, as well).

  3. That’s a good idea, Chris.

  4. Paul – thanks for the ranking and thanks for following my 1948 season. To even be on the list with Jeff Polman is an honor. Anyone who has not read Jeff’s stuff is in for a treat.

  5. Paul,

    Thank you so much for recognizing my replay, much appreciated!! It’s funny, your “5 Elements of a Replay” criteria is exactly what I strive to achieve. I find that I constantly “change it up” to prevent boredom to me as the replayer and more importantly the reader.

    You have quite the impressive site and I’m honored to be listed on it.

    Greg Barath

  6. Re: Red, White & Blue Racing. I bought it for a little research and to play with my brother-in-law. The rules allow for exhilarating contests of wits and emotion. Haven\’t played it yet, but it seems to impart some of the heat-of-battle elements I\’d like to incorporate into APBA football.

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