International Tabletop Day – Payoff Pitch Baseball Special

Payoff Pitch Baseball (by Sideline Strategy and distributed by PT Games) was an Honorable Mention for 2013 Best New Game of the Year here at It’s a terrific game. I’m playing the second-half of my 1982 California Angels replay with Payoff Pitch, and in the past couple of months I’ve personally played it probably more than any game other than Strat-O-Matic Baseball. If you’re interested in trying the game at all, I’d suggest taking advantage of the pdf deal by Sideline Strategy that is running through this Saturday. See below for details. To help celebrate International TableTop Day this … Continue reading

2013 Best Of… Awards

January is nearly over, and we’ve finally finished our 2013 Year in Review: Best Of… series.  Here are your winners: Best Tabletop-Sports Replay:  All-Time World Cup Replay (Classic Soccer – Anthony63 & albidone) Best New Game of the Year:  History Maker Baseball by Plaay Games (honorable mentions to Gridball & Payoff Pitch) Best Game Release (Vintage Season): Strat-O-Matic – 1973 Japanese League Baseball Best Newsletter (official Game Co.): Plaay Games (honorable mentions to Classic Soccer & The APBA Newsletter) Best Tabletop-Sports Blog:  Love, Life, and APBA by Kenneth Heard Best Tabletop-Sports Video Blog:  After Further Review by Steven Tower 2013 … Continue reading

2013 Year-End Review: Best Tabletop-Sports Video Blog

After Further Review with Steve Tower was the best tabletop-sports video blog in 2013, but to only say that about this new youtube series does it a great disservice. In fact, it is the opinion of this blogger that Steve Tower’s weekly video news and reviews show was the best thing to happen to our hobby in 2013. I created this award category specifically because I wanted to find a way to honor the terrific work that Tower has done with his show. After Further Review with Steve Tower offers the gold standard for game reviews and current events in … Continue reading

2013 Year End Review: Best Tabletop-Sports Blog

In 2013, the best tabletop-sports blog was Love, Life, and APBA, by Kenneth Heard. Heard is a professional writer, and the quality of his work on Love, Life, and APBA (LLaA) is indicative of his talent and training.* Perhaps the closest analogue (non-tabletop-sports category) to LLaA is Josh Wilker’s Cardboard Gods. Both blogs are written in a confessional, essay-style and use meticulous examination of a specific device (APBA Baseball for Kenneth Heard, late 70’s baseball cards for Josh Wilker) as a jumping off point for thorough and honest self-reflection and good old-fashioned storytelling. As the blog title suggests, Love, Life, … Continue reading

2013 Year End Review: Best Official Gameco. Newsletter

It’s Keith Avallone’s world and we’re all just living in it. In 2013, the best Official Newsletter of any game company was the monthly newsletter from Plaay Games. Plaay’s newsletter includes detailed notes on upcoming releases, links to lots of downloadable freebies (including games that never left the drawing board – how about a free Jai Alai tabletop game!), stories of great accomplishments by gamers, and more. The Plaay Games newsletter is a model from which every other tabletop-sports gaming company should be taking notes. Sign up for Plaay’s newsletter here. HONORABLE MENTIONS: Classic Soccer’s e-Newsletter (Vol. 1) was a … Continue reading