It rains in Southern California

One of the joys of learning a new game is coming across results that you’ve never seen before. With runners on first and third and Glenn Hoffman up to bat in the seventh inning of game #53 in my 1982 California Angels replay using APBA Baseball, I rolled a 13:32. This result was a first for me: The game took place in Anaheim, and I tried (in vain) to find a list of all rainouts in Angels Stadium history. I know there couldn’t have been more than a couple dozen, tops. If anyone knows where to find this data, it … Continue reading

California, 1982 – Get the Hammer Out

CALIFORNIA – JUNE 1, 1982 After 50 games the California Angels sit atop the American League West with a 33-17 record. In two short months, they have justified every hope and quashed every fear that had attended them in the preseason. How, it was asked back then, could a team with four former Most Valuable Players—Rightfielder Reggie Jackson (Oakland, 1973), Centerfielder Fred Lynn (Boston, 1975), First Baseman Rod Carew (Minnesota, 1977) and DH Don Baylor (California, 1979)—possibly lose? Ah, but how could a club with a lineup averaging 33 years of age and a suspect pitching staff possibly win? For … Continue reading

(Just Like) Starting Over

I’ve been married eleven years, but it doesn’t look like I’ll celebrate a twelfth.  My wife and I have separated. The state of Washington requires 90 days of legal separation before a couple can file for divorce.  As I signed the papers I asked her if she’d keep an open mind and an open heart throughout this time, pray about our future and take inventory again 90 days from now. “No,” she said.  “I don’t want to give you any false hope,” she said.  “We’re getting divorced,” she said. So there you have it.  We’re getting divorced. On the bright … Continue reading

1982 California Angels – APBA Baseball Replay

The 1982 California Angels were the second team I ever fell in love with (the 1981 Dodgers were first). Fred Lynn was my favorite ballplayer. He was from El Monte, CA – which is where I am from – and the rumor was that he had attended my very same elementary school, Norwood Elementary, when he was a kid. The idea that any kid playing ball on our own fields could grow up to be the centerfielder for the Angels was magical to me. Now that I’ve played enough APBA Baseball games to have a good feel for the game … Continue reading