Free APBA Baseball Cards: 1933 All Star Game Starting Lineups

I’m really starting to look forward to the almost-weekly APBA Newsletter (click here for the July 6 edition) that has been arriving in my email. Since the company started sending these weekly updates, each newsletter has had some bit of interesting news, updates on current projects (BBW 5.75, for instance), release dates for products, and, in a few different cases, free downloads of cards. First, there were the UEFA Champions League Finalist cards, then there were Hockey cards for the 2012 NHL finalists, and then just today, in honor of Tuesday’s coming All Star Game, the company released cards for … Continue reading

Strat-O-Matic vs. APBA: more fuel for debate

So much ink has been spilled over the years in this debate, but it’s always fun to revisit. Betty or Veronica? The Beatles or The Stones? Strat-O-Matic or APBA? Here is an article from the September, 1987 issue of Sport Magazine discussing the two games. I don’t necessarily agree with the article’s primary supposition, which can be summed up in the quote below. From the article: So which is better? Howard Ahlskog, who runs a monthly game magazine called the APBA Journal, thinks the two games are meant for different audiences. Strat-O-Matic, with its card individuality, managerial choices and overall … Continue reading

APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game: Review

After years of loyalty to Strat-o-Matic, it recently occurred to me that there might be something I’m missing by not playing the APBA game. I admit the thought of buying A Competitor’s Game made me feel a bit flushed; is wicked the word for it? Naughty, maybe, like stealing out for a smoke with a girl your wife wouldn’t approve of. APBA has been known to me as “A Competitor’s Game” for as long as I’ve been playing baseball simulations not of my own creation. The game is usually brought up on forums sort of this way: “Strat lets the … Continue reading

The Perfect Game Club

Matt Cain of the San Francisco Giants entered the Perfect Game Club tonight, with his amazing performance against the Houston Astros. My favorite tweet of the night, from @SportsPickle: Matt Cain failed to strike out 13 of the batters he faced. Sad how the word “perfect” means nothing anymore. — SportsPickle (@sportspickle) June 14, 2012 Since this blog is about baseball simulation games, I thought I’d ask, have you ever had a pitcher throw a Perfecto in one of your games? The idea of “The Perfect Game Club” is intriguing to me. In fact, I’d like to start a club, … Continue reading

How Cards Bring Players to Life

There is something about baseball cards, isn’t there?  They can bring a whole life and personality to what otherwise would just be a name in a box score.  I’ve fallen in love with players over their Strat-o-Matic cards before.  Kenny Williams is one that immediately comes to mind.  I’d never heard of him before Strat.  Once his 1922 St Louis Browns card had a few clutch hits for me in my league, I went on to research his life and career and now he has become one of my favorites of that era. Along those same lines, inspired first by … Continue reading