APBA Newsletter – February 8th

Here is a link to the APBA Newsletter that was sent out to subscribers this morning.  A lot of GREAT information in there.  There are exciting developments with every single APBA Product, I think. The Newsletter references a bunch of roster sheets and other info that were sent along with the newsletter.  If anyone wants those I’m sure that they’ll soon be available on the APBA site, in the meantime if you leave a note in the comments or email me at paul@pauldylan.com I would be glad to provide them for you.    

Thursday Morning Click-Thru: 1/26/2012

It’s a quick and dirty click-thru today, enjoy! Is there anyone out there who can tell me anything about Dombrov Baseball ? This is a FREE computer baseball game that I’m interested to try, but I’d like to hear a couple of testimonials before I install it. From The Sporting News, August 16, 1999 – Dave Kindred takes you on a trip into the basement at APBA’s old Lancaster facility in this article: Musial, Moon, Repulski. Holy Cow! PS: I have not yet joined Sabr.org – if I had, I would have complete access to The Sporting News archives going … Continue reading

Put Up or Shut Up…

Harold Friend, senior writer for Bleacher Report, gave us a little moralistic parable this morning in his article titled, “Clemens, Bonds, Rodriguez and the HOF: How to Test Your Real Position.” The gist is this, if you put $100 on the line (to win $1000) in a BBW or Strat-o-Matic computer simulation using an all-star roster of players from 2000-2007, would you or would you not include “cheaters”? Of course you would, regardless of your position on steroids and whether or not these players should be in the Hall of Fame, he posits. There are problems with his analogy, obviously.  … Continue reading

Dear Mr. President

Over on The APBA Blog today, The Baseball Zealot is getting ready for a new year and a new interview with the President/CEO of APBA, Mr. John Herson.  The Zealot asks: So, if you were in my shoes, what would you ask Mr. Herson?” I started to leave a comment, but about 500 words into it, I thought I better pop on back to my own blog and stop hogging Tom’s space over there.  These are the questions I’d like to ask: How did you first get involved in tabletop sports games? Why did you buy APBA? In your opinion, … Continue reading