How to make prison dice

Please, somebody, tell me I’m not alone here:  have you ever daydreamed about going to prison so that you would have endless hours to play Strat-o-Matic (or APBA or your sports sim-of-choice)? In my daydreaming, I have often wondered how I would solve the dice problem.  That is, since dice are not allowed in prison, one would need some method of random number generation.  I’ve theorized that balls of paper or pennies with numbers 1-6 written on them and pulled from a pillow case would work, but would be terribly inefficient. Well, I wonder no more about how I would … Continue reading

A Message from the President

In case you missed it (and I don’t blame you, I don’t always delve into comments either), the Owner and President of APBA, John Herson himself, responded to my first post about the APBA Soccer game. His comment: Good morning, Thank you for reviewing APBA’s soccer game. I am not the developer of the game. I asked the developers about the statement that the game is a knockoff of another soccer game. They told me they had never heard of that other game. Since these are honorable men, I take their word for it. The tag line the Classic Soccer … Continue reading