Playing the Game

Kenn Tomasch posted this great video on the APBA Games Facebook page yesterday. He makes a great point – “Okay, yeah, when you actually LOOK at it being done, I guess it’s incredibly dorky. This is why there are almost no videos of people actually playing the game.” I have to admit, I’m not one to get self-conscious in most circumstances, but something about playing tabletop-sports games in public does often make me feel uncomfortable. Why is that? Do you ever play in public? Why or why not? Post by Kenn Tomasch.

NPIII PC Baseball Demo

National Pastime III is a simulation baseball game based on SkeeterSoft’s NP III Cards and Dice tabletop game. The application will run on a Windows PC or on a Mac running Parallels. Last week I wrote about PC Replay Baseball and about what a great job that company did moving it’s Card & Dice based game to the computer. NPIII may have done that port even better. Playing the game gives the full C&D experience, but with the added convenience of the computer. There is a completely free, fully functioning demo available at: After a trial period, the game … Continue reading

Avalon Hill – Football Strategy in “The General”

While researching the history of football games for the upcoming issue of Print Edition, I came across the following article in the January, 1966 edition of The General, Avalon Hill’s monthly publication. CLICK HERE to download the complete issue of The General (Jan, 1966) The General was devoted to Avalon Hill’s deep selection of wargames. However, it wasn’t until 1973 that Avalon Hill would first publish All-Star Replay, a magazine devoted entirely to AH’s burgeoning line of tabletop-sports games, so in 1966 the only place to find information, charts, PBM and/or FTF opponents was in The General. FOOTBALL STRATEGY … Continue reading