The Player’s Club – Fall 2014

Pictured below is page 8 of Print Edition Volume I, Issue 2 (Fall 2014). It was my great pleasure to highlight these three individuals and bring some attention to their terrific work. Here are some links to their projects: Steve Heller’s Hockey Blast 1979-80 Replay Frank Albidone’s “Hall of Fame Leagues” Greg Barath’s Oguard62 APBA Football Blog I’m excited to bring you three new Player’s Club members in the Winter 2014-15 issue of Print Edition, to be hitting mailboxes on or around January 1, 2015. If you have completed an impressive project recently or if you want to … Continue reading

FIRST LOOK: Print Edition – Issue Two

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Avalon Hill – Football Strategy in “The General”

While researching the history of football games for the upcoming issue of Print Edition, I came across the following article in the January, 1966 edition of The General, Avalon Hill’s monthly publication. CLICK HERE to download the complete issue of The General (Jan, 1966) The General was devoted to Avalon Hill’s deep selection of wargames. However, it wasn’t until 1973 that Avalon Hill would first publish All-Star Replay, a magazine devoted entirely to AH’s burgeoning line of tabletop-sports games, so in 1966 the only place to find information, charts, PBM and/or FTF opponents was in The General. FOOTBALL STRATEGY … Continue reading

Football Outsiders Takes on the Tabletop

With the tagline “Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis” Football Outsiders (FO) would probably agree if one were to compare the site to the seminal site for baseball intelligentsia, Baseball Prospectus. Topics covered in the “Football Outsiders Basics” page include: You run when you win, not win when you run. Standard team rankings based on total yardage are inherently flawed Field-goal percentage is almost entirely random from season to season, while kickoff distance is one of the most consistent statistics in football. Recovery of a fumble, despite being the product of hard work, is almost entirely random. For the statistically (some may … Continue reading