APBA Soccer Releases 2015-16 Euro Champions Set

APBA Games today announced the release of the latest edition of one of the best bargain sets in tabletop-sports gaming: the European Champions Set. For $25 plus shipping the 202 card set includes last year’s (2015-16) champions of the 7 top European soccer leagues, as well as the Champions League title-holders. Included clubs: Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League) Leicester City (Premier League – England) Bayern Munich (Bundesliga – Germany) Paris St. Germain (Ligue 1 – France) Juventus (Serie A – Italy) Barcelona (La Liga – Spain) Benfica (Primera Liga – Portugal) PSV Eindhoven (Eriedivisie – Netherlands) I personally own the … Continue reading

ASPL: The APBA Soccer Premier League

As far as I know, the first attempt at starting a draft league using the APBA Soccer game was born right here on OneForFive.com. I called it The Granddaddy of Them All. From an article published here on Jan 3, 2012: I am excited to announce the forthcoming formation of a new APBA Soccer play-by-mail draft league, using the 2011/2012 English Premiere League cards. The League Constitution is still in very preliminary stages, and at this point we have about a half-dozen interested parties. Our intention is to begin play in September with EPL cards based on the season currently … Continue reading

1st Round Results: 2014 World Cup Tournament w/APBA Soccer

click on bracket to embiggen The first 16 matches are complete and there has still only been one major surprise: Ghana over Germany, 2-1 in the sixth match of the tournament. The first round was not without drama, however. Referees clearly took FIFA’s mandate on tighter control of on-pitch behavior to heart. An astounding nine red cards were shown in the first 16 games, including three in Chile’s harrowing 2-1 victory over defending World Cup champions Spain. In that match, the Chileans played the final 14 minutes (plus stoppage time) down to 9 men, defending their slim lead. Spain took … Continue reading

FIFA Women’s World Cup Final (2011) for APBA Soccer

On the eve of the Olympic Women’s Soccer Final in August of 2012, the two squads poised to battle for the Gold Medal (USA and Japan) were the same two countries that had also battled for the Championship of the Women’s World Cup just the summer before. In a magnanimous gesture toward the then-still-burgeoning community of APBA Soccer gamers, APBA Games released a free PDF of the cards of the two finalist countries. The cards were from their Women’s World Cup set that was then (but is no longer) for sale. As the 2015 Women’s World Cup gets underway, you … Continue reading

2014 World Cup Tournament – APBA Soccer

2014 WC tournament first 8

In my (increasingly rare) spare time, I’ve been using the APBA Soccer 2014 World Cup set to stage a single-elimination tournament with all 32 World Cup squads. Only eight of the thirty-one total games have been completed so far, but it has been a lot of fun to see how the brackets are beginning to take shape. In the first round, I set up the brackets so that squads that finished first in their group in real-life would face the squads that finished fourth. Second-place finishers would face third. Additionally, I set up the brackets so that if every #1 … Continue reading