COMING THIS SUMMER!! OneForFive Print Edition, Vol. 1

Posted by Paul on June 2, 2014 | Short Link

CLICK HERE TO ORDER THE BEST TABLETOP-SPORTS NEWSLETTER ON THE MARKET TODAY! In the grand tradition of great tabletop-sports journals of the past, such as The APBA Journal, Strat Fan, Strat-O-Matic Review, All-Star Replay and others, is releasing a Print Edition to supplement the tabletop-sports coverage on the site. Volume One, Issue One of […]

APBA Soccer: 2011-12 EPL Cup – Quarterfinal Results

Posted by Paul on May 20, 2014 | Short Link

click on the bracket below to see it at full size Some have said that the 2011-12 season was England’s best in the Premiere League era. It was a season of exceptional drama, and this tournament has proven that though the top seeds were a level above the rest, the level of quality throughout the […]

APBA Soccer: 2011-12 EPL Cup – Round of 16 Results

Posted by Paul on March 30, 2014 | Short Link

Click on the bracket below to see it at full size. Eight matches with 16 clubs. Going into this I expected an upset or two, but it was the biggest upset in this round that produced a match for the ages. And another match with a #12 going up against a #5 won’t be forgotten […]

APBA Soccer 2.0

Posted by Paul on March 5, 2014 | Short Link

The most recent set of APBA Soccer cards to be released is the 2012-13 season of Italy’s Serie A. This is the first set to feature the newest innovation for the game: Individual Defense Ratings. We don’t know exactly how the new ratings will be used in conjunction with the game, but it is exciting […]

APBA Baseball Online v 1.0: Killing the Ghost of Dick Seitz
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Posted by Paul on November 22, 2013 | Short Link

With all due respect to and the announcement that Plaay Soccer (game title still unknown) is being playtested and could be released as soon as Spring 2014, the biggest news to come out of a game company newsletter this week is the announcement that APBA Baseball Online version 1 has launched. APBA Online is […]

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