1st Round Results: 2014 World Cup Tournament w/APBA Soccer

click on bracket to embiggen The first 16 matches are complete and there has still only been one major surprise: Ghana over Germany, 2-1 in the sixth match of the tournament. The first round was not without drama, however. Referees clearly took FIFA’s mandate on tighter control of on-pitch behavior to heart. An astounding nine red cards were shown in the first 16 games, including three in Chile’s harrowing 2-1 victory over defending World Cup champions Spain. In that match, the Chileans played the final 14 minutes (plus stoppage time) down to 9 men, defending their slim lead. Spain took … Continue reading

2014 World Cup Tournament – APBA Soccer

2014 WC tournament first 8

In my (increasingly rare) spare time, I’ve been using the APBA Soccer 2014 World Cup set to stage a single-elimination tournament with all 32 World Cup squads. Only eight of the thirty-one total games have been completed so far, but it has been a lot of fun to see how the brackets are beginning to take shape. In the first round, I set up the brackets so that squads that finished first in their group in real-life would face the squads that finished fourth. Second-place finishers would face third. Additionally, I set up the brackets so that if every #1 … Continue reading