FIFA Women’s World Cup Final (2011) for APBA Soccer

On the eve of the Olympic Women’s Soccer Final in August of 2012, the two squads poised to battle for the Gold Medal (USA and Japan) were the same two countries that had also battled for the Championship of the Women’s World Cup just the summer before. In a magnanimous gesture toward the then-still-burgeoning community of APBA Soccer gamers, APBA Games released a free PDF of the cards of the two finalist countries. The cards were from their Women’s World Cup set that was then (but is no longer) for sale. As the 2015 Women’s World Cup gets underway, you … Continue reading

FREE APBA Soccer Download: 2014 MLS Cup Finalist Cards LA Galaxy and New England Revolution

On the Downloads page of the APBA website this morning, APBA has released a free download of APBA Soccer cards for the two finalists competing in the 2014 MLS Cup. The real-life version of the MLS Cup will be held this weekend in Los Angeles. With these cards, APBA Soccer fans can “pre-play” the final. The match features MLS MVP Finalists Robbie Keane of the LA Galaxy and Lee Nguyen of the New England Revolution. To add to the drama, US National Team star (arguably the greatest American soccer player ever) and LA Galaxy attacking midfielder Landon Donovan has announced … Continue reading

APBA Football Free 2012 Rookie Cards

One of the most fan-friendly and forward-thinking recent innovations of the APBA game company has been the recent policy of releasing free cards of some of the major sporting events in time for gamers to “pre-play” the event. They did it for the UEFA Champions League Championship in soccer, as well as the 2012 Olympic Gold Medal match for Women’s Soccer. They released the 1933 All Star teams in honor of the MLB All Star Game, and they’ve released the 2012 Ryder Cup set for use with APBA Golf. I don’t know how I missed it, but Fans of APBA … Continue reading

This Week in Tabletop Sports

APBA Announced the release of Patch 3 for BBW 5.75. Click here for release notes. The 5.75 release for BBW was years in the making, and the general consensus on the release has been positive. The one feature left out of 5.75’s initial release was the ability to edit players, this patch – while not giving users the “click of a button” card creating ability that used to exist with Wizard – gives back some level of control for card editing. Released a free download of 2012 Ryder Cup competition for APBA Golf One of the most fan-friendly and forward-thinking … Continue reading

APBA Soccer FACs

After a little tinkering and some great input from Bobby5960, I’ve designed a deck of Fast Action Cards for APBA Soccer. Here is an example of a card: * The cards should be self-explanatory, but the idea is to have a deck or two and instead of rolling any time you have to reference one of these charts (the Player Control Chart is the most frequently referenced I think), you’d just flip the top card in the deck. It should save a lot of rolls per game. [edit: and a lot of chart flipping and desk space] These cards won’t … Continue reading