ASPL: The APBA Soccer Premier League

As far as I know, the first attempt at starting a draft league using the APBA Soccer game was born right here on I called it The Granddaddy of Them All. From an article published here on Jan 3, 2012: I am excited to announce the forthcoming formation of a new APBA Soccer play-by-mail draft league, using the 2011/2012 English Premiere League cards. The League Constitution is still in very preliminary stages, and at this point we have about a half-dozen interested parties. Our intention is to begin play in September with EPL cards based on the season currently … Continue reading

APBA Soccer Cards – What’s In the Box?

The following is a video of me opening a box from APBA Games.  In the box is a couple of APBA Soccer sets (2013 MLS and 2013-14 EPL). You get to see a Clint Dempsey Seattle Sounders card (he’s rated A for Corner Kicks!), and a Luis Suarez Liverpool card. Since filming this I’ve had the opportunity to look over both sets a little and I am now even more excited to get started playing games with them. Look for specifics on how some players are carded in a future post.

APBA Soccer 2011-12 EPL Card Set

[UPDATE 7-4-13: IT’S A HAPPY ENDING! Sometime around the middle of June, APBA Soccer players who’d purchased the game from the gameco started receiving packages of corrected cards for the three clubs – Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal – as well as a few goalkeepers who had apparently been mis-carded as well. The gameco shipped these cards out unsolicited and on their dime, which was the right thing to do. I’m happy to report that this set is now being sold with correct cards. It’s a great set, I personally am in the midst of a Cup Tournament using all … Continue reading

Whither Art Thou, APBA Soccer?

We’re a small group of loyalists, but even among those of us who have advocated most dearly on behalf of the fledgling step-child soccer game that APBA released in 2010, there is dissent, frustration, and puzzlement over the release of the 2011-12 English Premiere League card set. On August 28, 2012, a couple weeks into the 2012-13 Premiere League season (now known as the Barclays Premiere League), I received an email with the following unofficial announcement from APBA President, John Herson, which I posted over on the APBA – Between the Lines forum: “EPL should be available this fall. These … Continue reading

This Week in Tabletop Sports

This Week in Tabletop Sports (TWITS) is a new (hopefully) weekly feature here on THIS WEEK IN TABLETOP SPORTS (8/31/2012) APBA GAMES Released 2011 Lineup Sheet and revised ratings for forthcoming 2011 APBA Football Cards. The set’s release was delayed by printer error. According to the latest news on APBA’s site, besides re-printing the corrected card data, they now have to produce more card shells. Regarding the card shells: “The printer is doing their best to get APBA in their schedule. Right now they have a large project for their biggest customer. We will keep you informed.“ Announced that … Continue reading