APBA Soccer Unboxing Video

YouTube user “ahnyoung4christ” posted the following video a couple of weeks ago. In it, he opens up a brand new APBA Soccer game and goes through the components, describing what he finds. Because he’s never had the game before, nor played it, his is an interesting perspective on the first-time buyer’s experience of APBA Soccer. My favorite moment comes at 00:32 when the host holds up the APBA Soccer FAC Cards that I designed. I still get excited every time I see a pack of those cards inside an official APBA box. I made that! Here is the video:

2012 MLS Replay – Matchday 7

The best game in Matchday 7 was a 4-3 thriller between DC United and New York Red Bulls. The New York squad came away with the three points, but the DC United side fought to the bitter end. Thierry Henry had two goals to raise his season tally to 8 in just 7 games. Click on the table below to see matchday 7 results at full size. Here are the tables as of April 23rd, 2012. Here are the parameters of this replay: * It’s a full replay of all 34 weeks of the 2012 MLS Season, using the real … Continue reading

Brek Shea – Turning It Around

Though it seems like it was a different lifetime, it actually wasn’t long ago that Brek Shea was a finalist for MLS MVP. After a couple of disappointing years abroad, is Orlando City the place where he turns things around? Shea was a beast in my 2010 MLS mini-season with APBA Soccer. Can’t wait to see the numbers he puts up in 2015 and the resultant card! #WeekInAmazing: Brek the Internet! http://t.co/b3AkE9SAIU pic.twitter.com/3XKrQIL9jF — Howler Magazine (@whatahowler) March 12, 2015

TWO New APBA Soccer Sets to be Released!

Alternate title: APBA Soccer is Going to Take All My Money (But At Least I’ll Have Awesome APBA Soccer Tournaments to Play When I’m Broke) In this morning’s newsletter, APBA announced the imminent release of All-Time World Cup Greats Volume 2, and Liga MX 2014 Apertura card sets. The former set has been expected since the release of Volume 1 last month, but the latter comes as a great surprise to this gamer. The newsletter also promised a future release of All-Time World Cup Greats Volume 3. As far as I’m aware, no other card & dice game offers a … Continue reading

2014 MLS Season for APBA Soccer AVAILABLE NOW

I write about APBA Soccer a lot on this blog, because it’s one of my favorite games to play in any sport. It’s only been about two months since I received my 2013 MLS set from the company and I haven’t had a chance to start a project with it yet, so I may hold off on purchasing the 2014 set for a while, but I sure am tempted to pull the trigger on it today! View image | gettyimages.com Can Landon Donovan pilot the LA Galaxy to a championship in your 2014 MLS replay with APBA Soccer? 2014 might … Continue reading