Baseball as Steam-valve

From Spalding’s Official Base Ball Guide 1917 I came across this today on the Library of Congress’ digital library, and boy did it hit home.  Page 279 (271 of the text): It is a fact that Base Ball follows war.  It followed war in the United States and it is one of the best and most efficacious peacemakers and civilizing influences devised to render soothing influences to the human mind.  It is possible to work off a tremendous amount of steam in Base Ball, whether a spectator or a player.  Steam thus distributed to the empty air prevents mischief that … Continue reading

Does God Play Strat-o-Matic?

It’s the eleventh month of the year, and in our little recovery group, that means we spend the month talking about the eleventh step of our program which is: Seek through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, praying only for our knowledge of His will and the power to carry that out.   Today our daily reflections brought up the concept of “letting go and letting God.”  I often think of J. Henry Waugh’s Universal Baseball Association when I consider the impact of God on my everyday life.  If you aren’t familiar with the book I’m … Continue reading