Rob Bernier Demos NPNG+ Board Reader

NPNG+ Cards

Many of you may know Rob Bernier from his website,, where “RONBO’s Ultimate Replay Guides” (reference guides for gamers undertaking as-played baseball replays) are sold in the name of “Doing the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!” Ron is knowledgeable and passionate about the tabletop-sports hobby and is an asset to the community. The video below is Ron’s demonstration of the newest additions to the free National Pastime Next Generation + Board Reader. The NPNG+ Board Reader is a free baseball simulation game in the form of a Microsoft Excel macro-enabled spreadsheet. It allows you to play NPNG+ … Continue reading

Something Cool That Didn’t Exist Yet

Click here to read a terrific piece of writing from on the subject of my favorite brand of vintage sports apparel, Ebbets Field Flannels. Don’t miss it! The PCL and the negro leagues are a parallel universe of baseball history that most people don’t even know existed. I realized that we could tell that story and validate it through the authenticity of the garments. Those two leagues are the pillars that started this brand. And that’s still what we do.” – Jerry Cohen, co-founder and owner of Ebbets Field Flannels @EbbetsVintage was started by a man who simply wanted … Continue reading

Pitching For Your Life – Part 2

I had a birthday last week, my fortieth. There are few events in your life that cause pause to face your own mortality like a milestone birthday. Forty. Forty years old. I, Paul Dylan, am forty years old. It doesn’t feel right, doesn’t make sense. How did I get here? Here is a list of the 10 best age-40 baseball seasons by hitters, using On-Base Plus Slugging: 1. Ty Cobb .921 1927 2. Harold Baines .919 1999 3. Moises Alou .916 2007 4. Willie Mays .907 1971 5. Edgar Martinez .895 2003 6. Rickey! .889 1999 7. Darrell Evans .880 … Continue reading

Pitching For Your Life

There are a few baseball-related purchases that have become annual “must haves” for me. membership renewal, MLB.TV subscription, new Strat cards for the previous season, and a subscription to Joe Sheehan’s newsletter. You might think that one of these things is not like the others, but there is no baseball writer today as prolific and who consistently turns out engaging, smart and unique day-to-day analysis as Joe Sheehan. If you’re addicted to baseball the way I am, finding that Sheehan newsletter in your email inbox (nearly) every day will be as gratifying as your first cup of coffee each … Continue reading