1987-88 NBA Finals Replay with Strat-O-Matic Basketball

With the 2015 NBA Finals in full swing and the Golden State Warriors looking like they might have solved LeBron James and the Cavs, I’ve had basketball on the brain this week. I don’t play basketball games very often, and the only one I play with any regularity is Strat-O-Matic Basketball (though this may change as I received a mint 1978 copy of Avalon Hill’s Statis Pro just yesterday – from my wife’s generous boss, who was cleaning out his gaming closet! – but I digress). And, itching for some top-flight NBA action on the tabletop, I pulled out the … Continue reading

Top 5 Sports Games – by The Dice Tower with HAMTAG

HAMTAG (Half As Much, Twice As Good), is a game review show on The Dice Tower channel on youtube. This week each of the three co-hosts offers his own list of “Top 5 Sports Games.” The show is aimed at the Board Game Geek crowd, which does not typically feature many sports-game aficionados. As more traditional board-gamer types, it’s no surprise that these lists are light on sports simulations, and instead feature party or casual sports games. That said, there are some true simulations on this list. Title Bout – Avalon Hill’s boxing sim (recently re-released as Advanced Title Bout … Continue reading

Basketball Bones: Game Review

Sometimes, I get the feeling that many game publishers just don’t get me. I play tabletop-sports games because I want the drama of an individual contest, the suspense of a season unfolding, the feelings of nostalgia and of getting to hang out with old friends when I rummage through a card set of ballplayers from years gone by – even if that year gone by was just last year – and I want to be the supreme being in charge of it all. Most tabletop sports games these days, regardless of the sport, will generate statistics accurately enough to recreate … Continue reading