On This Day: April 18, 1940 – Kid McCoy is Found Dead

Fantastic Career of Kid McCoy Over   DETROIT, April 18 – (AP) – In the quiet of a hotel room a peaceful death came today to Norman Selby, the glamorous Kid McCoy of the boxing ring whose amazing life story would have been labeled fantastic fiction if its chapters had been woven into a novel. McCoy, who did more and saw more in his 66 years than the average man dares to dream about, died from either an overdose of sleeping medicine or poison, according to Dr. Lyle C. Ling, deputy coroner. Hobo and millionaire sportsman; dishwasher and social lion; … Continue reading

Top 5 Sports Games – by The Dice Tower with HAMTAG

HAMTAG (Half As Much, Twice As Good), is a game review show on The Dice Tower channel on youtube. This week each of the three co-hosts offers his own list of “Top 5 Sports Games.” The show is aimed at the Board Game Geek crowd, which does not typically feature many sports-game aficionados. As more traditional board-gamer types, it’s no surprise that these lists are light on sports simulations, and instead feature party or casual sports games. That said, there are some true simulations on this list. Title Bout – Avalon Hill’s boxing sim (recently re-released as Advanced Title Bout … Continue reading

Gen1400 Free Demos

Congratulations to George at Gen1400 Gaming, on the launch of his new website. For fans of DICE Games the launch of the website is great news. For those who haven’t tried any of Gen1400’s DICE series, this new website could be especially interesting. Gen1400 offers FULL PLAY demo versions of every one of their games. I don’t know of any other for-profit game company that offers as much free gaming as Gen1400. To give just one example, DICE Boxing comes with 16 of the all-time great heavyweights included in the downloadable free demo of the game. You could play for … Continue reading

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

July was a month of frenetic movement for me and my family, and my make-believe sporting universe was left mostly vacant and neglected. I’ve had next-to-no time to play any games. I was able to pull out my old copy of Title Bout the other night, and that was awesome. Jack Dempsey vs Jack Johnson on the #tabletop tonight. Avalon Hill's Title Bout: pic.twitter.com/y0BsdTtVVJ — Paul Dylan (@heyblue) July 29, 2014 August is shaping up to be that way, too, as my grandmother, my sister, brother-in-law and their SEVEN kids are visiting and staying with us this week. The Dylan … Continue reading

PT Games to Release Updated Version of Avalon Hill’s Title Bout

You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen! I’m proud and excited to have this exclusive scoop for OneForFive.com. According to Tim Plum, President and Founder, PT Games has acquired exclusive license to produce and distribute the boxing classic, Title Bout. The new game will be called Advanced Title Bout. According to Plum, this new PT Games release of Title Bout promises to “bring back the greatness of the original” and to add a “few new wrinkles.” Created by legendary game designers Jim and Tom Trunzo, the brothers are involved in the redesign and rerelease of the game, though to … Continue reading